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2014 10-15-workshop-machinenauwkeurigheid-etalon

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Presentation on the LaserTRACER and LaserTRACER-MT system of Etalon during the workshop Machine precision of Sirris on 15 October 2014

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2014 10-15-workshop-machinenauwkeurigheid-etalon

  1. 1. © Etalon AG The LaserTRACER and LaserTRACER-MTCalibration and Testing of machines with highest accuracy A technology overview
  2. 2. © Etalon AG Accuracy for measuring machines and machine tools For machine tools and measuring machines geometrical accuracy is a key performance feature Highest accuracy cannot be achieved economically without numerical compensation Full error compensation is used for measuring machines since 15 years successfully, now it is available also in the machine tool industry Classical methods for error mapping are time consuming and need operators with years of experience Etalons technology combines superior accuracy, short measuring times, semi automated operation, universal application and complete information
  3. 3. © Etalon AG Geometry deviations of a 3 axes machine: 21 deviations (notation according to ISO 230-1) (Squareness for a kinematicX, Y, Z -system)
  4. 4. © Etalon AG Systematic geometric deviations (here for X axis) Position Roll Straightness1 Straightness2 Pitch Yaw
  5. 5. © Etalon AG Geometry deviations of a rotary axis: 6 deviations per axis + 5 locations(notation according to ISO 230-1)
  6. 6. © Etalon AG The progress in metrology: Comparison of machine calibration with navigation conventional new: Multilateration Navigation Calibration and testing of machines GPS
  7. 7. © Etalon AG The ETALON solution TRAC-CAL TRAC-CAL TRAC-CHECK Error mapping and compensation Testing and qualification LaserTRACER-NG LaserTRACER-MT
  8. 8. © Etalon AG Interferometer with 0.001 μm resolution (1) Patented reference sphere (2) with form deviation < 0.050 μm on a solid stem (3) Environmental compensation for temperature, pressure, humidity Length measurement uncertainty: U95%= 0.2 μm + 0.3 μm/m The LaserTRACER-NG
  9. 9. © Etalon AG The LaserTRACER specification Weightsanddimension LaserTRACER weight approx. 9.5 kg Controller weight approx. 14 kg LaserTRACER height 230 mm Height ofreferencesphereabovemachinetable 165 mm Operating range Angular rangeelevationaxis -38°upto+ 85° Angular rangeazimuthaxis ±225° Measuringrange 0.2 m upto15 m Angular rangereflector(cateye) 120°respectively160° Environmental temperatureforaccuracyspecification 15 °C –35 °C Dynamics Maximal permissibleaccelerationofthereflector 8 m/s² Maximal permissiblevelocityofthereflector 20 m/min Accuracy Frequencystabilitylaser24h 2∙10-8 Stabilityofthereferencesphereat ΔT = ±1 K ±0.1 μm Resolution interferometer 0.001 μm Spatialdisplacementmeasurements U(k=2)= 0.2 μm + 0.3 μm/m Power supply Input power 50 W –100 W
  10. 10. © Etalon AG New: The LaserTRACER-MT (MT: Mechanical Tracking) Passive tracking mechanism of the laser interferometer For small to medium sized machines Based on the same principles as the LaserTRACER Light weight (< 2500 g) For machine axes up to 1.5 m Angular working range from -35°to +80 ° (elevation) and >360°(azimuth) The entire software options from Etalon are usable
  11. 11. © Etalon AG LaserTRACER-MT in detail Telescope 275 mm to 965 mm (1) Active beam steering (2) Stabilized Interferometer (3) 2 nest with precision spheres with concentric reflectors (4,5)
  12. 12. © Etalon AG The LaserTRACER-MT specification Weightsanddimension Weightmeasuringunit 2.8 kg Weightcontrollerbox 8 kg Minimal heightabovemachinetable 120 mm Transportation box (wateranddust-proof) 63 cmx 60 cm x 33 cm (11 kg) Operating range Angular rang elevationaxis -30°upto+ 80° Angular rangeazimuthaxis(restrictedonlybytheinterferometercable) ±270° Radial measuringrange 260 mm upto940 mm Cable length 5 m Accuracy Frequencystabilitylaser24h 2∙10-8 Resolution interferometer 0.001 μm System accuracyoverthefullworkingrange 2 μm Temperatur measurementaccuracy/ 3 Channels 0.1 K
  13. 13. © Etalon AG XYZ-axis with the LaserTRACER-MT
  14. 14. © Etalon AG A-axis with the LaserTRACER-MT
  15. 15. © Etalon AG C-axis with the LaserTRACER-MT
  16. 16. © Etalon AG The ETALON solution TRAC-CAL TRAC-CAL TRAC-CHECK Error mapping and compensation Testing and qualification LaserTRACER-NG LaserTRACER-MT
  17. 17. © Etalon AG Interferometriclength measurement from at least 3 positions (no alignment necessary!) Evaluation of all errors entirely based on highly accurate displacement information Position of LaserTRACER position and dead path doesn’t need to be known The Principle:
  18. 18. © Etalon AG How TRAC-CAL works on linear axes
  19. 19. © Etalon AG Evaluation of 21 geomtricaldeviations
  20. 20. © Etalon AG How TRAC-CAL works on rotary axes Measurement of rotary table Measurement of rotary head
  21. 21. © Etalon AG Calibration of rotary axes Determination of Angular positioning Axial error motion Radial error motions Tilt error motions Angular location in the machine volume Solely based on interferometric measurements of the LaserTRACER No additional hardware necessary Very high accuracy Easy applicationTilt error EAC [μrad] −20−1001000200300Angular position [°] Tilt error EBC [μrad] 1000200300Angular position [°] −10010Position error ECC [μrad] 1000200300Angular position [°] 010 [μm] Radial error motion EXC1000200300Angular position [°] −20Radial error motion EYC [μm] 1000200300Angular position [°] −4−20 [μm] Axial error motion EZC1000200300Angular position [°] −20
  22. 22. © Etalon AG Generation of an error map for volumetric compensation Today most controllers offer volumetric compensation options TRAC-CAL generates the compensation data by one click after measurement Implementation leads to a significant accuracy enhancement in the entire volume (typically by a factor of 3-4)! Interfaces for conventional compensations are also available
  23. 23. © Etalon AG Example 1: Horizontal precision machining center Comparison without and with compensation with Siemens VCS 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 EZZ (ztz) EXZ (ztx) EYZ (zty) EZX (xtz) EXX (xtx) EYX (xty) EZY (ytz) EXY (ytx) EYY (yty) ECZ (zrz) EAZ (zrx) EBZ (zry) ECX (xrz) EAX (xrx) EBX (xry) ECY (yrz) EAY (yrx) EBY (yry) B0Z (xwz) A0Z (ywz) C0Y (xwy) Vorher Nachher without with
  24. 24. © Etalon AG Middle-class machining center High-end machining center without with without with Example2: MachiningcenterswithFanuc controland3D-Error-Compensation
  25. 25. © Etalon AG Example3: Large GantrymachinewithFIDIA control XY XZ YZ
  26. 26. © Etalon AG Supported controllers for machine tools Siemens Heidenhain Fanuc Mazatronik Fidia Fagor Supported protocols for CMMs Zeiss CMMOS I++ Leitz DEA Brown&Sharp Wenzel OGP
  27. 27. © Etalon AG Measurements in practice Measurement of linear axes Measurement of rotary axes Measurement of linear axes Measurement of rotary axes LaserTRACER LaserTRACER-MT
  28. 28. © Etalon AG Summary: Error Mapping with TRAC-CAL Highest accuracy All deviations solely based on the wavelength of a stabilized laser For linear axes: linear position, straightness, pitch, yaw, roll, squareness For rotary axes: angular positioning, axial motion, radial motions, tilt motions, angular positioning Suitable for error mapping of machine tools and measuring machines Applicable for almost any size of working volume Fast execution: 1 –6 hours, depending on machine size Simple setup and data handling Interfaces and error mapping format for many machine tools and CMM controllers available
  29. 29. © Etalon AG Application examples
  30. 30. © Etalon AG The ETALON solution TRAC-CAL TRAC-CAL TRAC-CHECK Error mapping and compensation Testing and qualification LaserTRACER-NG LaserTRACER-MT
  31. 31. © Etalon AG Machine Testing with TRAC-CHECK Principle: The LaserTRACER operates in “fix interferometer mode” but the measurement direction is automatically aligned by machine motion Laser displacement measurement in any direction without manual alignment No cosine error Measurement procedure and data evaluation according to -ISO 10360 -2for CMM (linear axes, axis parallel and diagonal) -ISO 230 -2/6or for machine tools (linear axes, axis parallel and diagonal) -VDI/DGQ 3441 or for machine tools (linear axes, axis parallel and diagonal) -ISO 230 -4 (machine tools, circular testing)
  32. 32. © Etalon AG How TRAC-CHECK works –LINE MEASUREMENT
  33. 33. © Etalon AG TRAC-CHECK results
  34. 34. © Etalon AG Circular test(for the LaserTRACER/-MT) Following the ISO 230-4: Bi-directional deviation Circular deviation Radial deviation … Solely based on interferometric measurements of the LaserTRACER No additional hardware necessary Highest accuracy Easy use Radius up to 15 m
  35. 35. © Etalon AG Additional functions in TRAC-CHECK Dynamic analysisofmachinemotions(for the LaserTRACER/-MT) (time domain) (frequencedomain) Simple geometricalanalysis Scalefactor Squareness Velocity Acceleration Jerk Length
  36. 36. © Etalon AG Summary: Machine Testing with TRAC-CHECK Highest accuracy Semi-automated execution No alignment of interferometer required Application for machines of almost any size Fast execution: Full geometry test in 30 minutes Complete report function satisfying highest traceability demands For measuring machines: In accordance to the latest revision of ISO 10360-2 For machine tools: Testing according to ISO 230-2, -4 and 6 and VDI/DGQ 3441 Simple and fast determination of scale and squareness errors
  37. 37. © Etalon AG Extract from ETALONs customer list Customers in 3D metrology Customers in themachinetoolindustry •Zeiss IMT / Germany •Leitz Messtechnik / Germany •OGP (Optical GagingProducts INC.) / USA •Volkswagen AG / Germany •Audi AG / Germany •BMW AG / Germany •SchaefflerAG / Germany •PTB / Germany •NIST / USA •NPL / Great Britain •CERN / Switzerland •SLAC Stanford AcceleratorLaboratory / USA •FundaçãoCERTI / Brazil •INTI / Argentina •INRIM / Italia •CMTI / India •Heller / Germany •Deckel MahoGildemeister (DMG) / Germany •Mazak/ Japan •Röders / Germany •Dixie/ Switzerland •Heidenhain / Germany •AgieCharmilles/ Germany •Mori Seiki/ Japan •Fermat / Czech Republic •Tecnalia/ Spain •WIA/ South Korea •WaldrichCoburg / Germany •Shaanxi QinchuanMachinery Development / China •SNK / Japan •Pratt & Whitney / USA •Toshiba Heavy Industry / Japan •KonecranesMachine Service / Finland •Alzmetall/ Germany
  38. 38. © Etalon AG Partners of ETALON Companies withcooperationformachinecompensation System-partnerforthetestingoflarge machines Official partnercompaniesfor machinecompensation
  39. 39. © Etalon AG ETALONsdistribution and service partner
  40. 40. © Etalon AG Visit us at