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Kaizen XBETR Summary 03292030 v1.pdf

  1. REDEFINING SPORTS BETTING & SOCIAL INTERACTION Unleashing the Power of Technology for Unparalleled User Engagement
  2. The XFactor XBetr's motion-activated sports betting technology is poised to disrupt global markets by introducing a novel, immersive, and engaging betting experience for users worldwide. By harnessing the power of our patent-pending cutting-edge motion-activated technology, XBetr allows users to place bets intuitively and seamlessly, transcending language barriers and catering to the diverse preferences of gaming enthusiasts. This innovation not only enhances user experience but also creates new opportunities for operators in sports betting, esports, casino gaming, and lottery markets.
  3. The XBetr Advantage Motion-activated sports betting technology. Faster, simpler, and more enjoyable betting experience Increased in-play micro betting opportunities. Addressing Kaizen Gametech's challenge with innovative and relevant solutions.
  4. Key Features Automated content curation and distribution. Blockchain-powered digital rewards. Biometric authentication for user security.
  5. Elevating Social Interaction Gamification and digital rewards. User-generated content curation. Real-time chats, live polling, and Q&A interactions.
  6. Benefits for Kaizen Gametech Loyal and active user base. Increased user satisfaction and retention. Valuable insights into user behavior and preferences. Enhanced user engagement and interaction. Creation of immersive social funnels.
  7. Reimagining Social Interaction Users interacting during live matches and casino games. Building a sense of community and connection. Driving brand loyalty and attracting new users.
  8. Innovation & Feasibility Cutting-edge technology that addresses the challenge. Proven results and potential for a successful pilot project. Scalable solutions that grow with your business.
  9. XBETR | USP XBetr's USP lies in its innovative approach to placing bets, as users can now execute wagers with a simple and intuitive smartphone motion. Gone are the days of tedious navigation through multiple screens and complicated interfaces. With XBetr, the future of sports betting is quite literally at your fingertips.
  10. Gyroscope tracks and measures tilting and waving. Motion sensing measures acceleration and handset direction. GPS figures out which part of the planet you’re standing on. Finds where a phone is located in physical space. The XBetr Platform Modular and integration-focused architecture for seamless integration across platforms integration into sportsbook platforms and applications with accurate verified transaction management. Architected for millions of simultaneous mobile users anywhere in the world. User centric, all interactions between bettors and XBetr are processed through smart contracts built on our secure blockchain. Gives users a faster, and more trustworthy process for wagering on sports than traditional online sportsbooks offer. ProprietaryTechnology Motion Activated Gesture Recognition
  11. Market Potential & Scalability Growing popularity of sports betting and online gaming. Expanding in-play micro betting sector. Opportunity for global expansion and market penetration.
  12. Vision & Mission Our vision is for our motion- activated gesture technology is to become as ubiquitous as voice technology. We are on a mission that will transform and redefine the way we engage and interact with mobile devices, machines, each other and beyond.
  13. The XTeam Stewart Irvine Tech visionary and trailblazer with decades of experience scaling early- stage startups. Pioneered cloud-based digital media platforms, extensive expertise in product development, strategy, and branding. Founded by an elite team of experienced developers, engineers, and operations management with decades of success building complex technology platforms. We are people from all over the globe who are curious, driven to innovate and accomplish seemingly impossible things. Extensive expertise in mobile applications, sports betting, and user experience. Committed to excellence and continuous improvement CEO Mario Perron Former management consultant for DMR-Fujitsu consulting, CGI Group. Involved in executive and project management, process and system architecture, international R&D and marketing. Behavioral Biometrics, Blockchain, AI, IoT. CTO Jeroen Kreeft Managing partner of Lobster Lawyers. A strategic thinker that is continuously adapting to technology and envisioning where progressive tech can accelerate industries that are transforming. CSO
  14. Highlights Transform user engagement and interaction with our innovative technologies Provides a new and unique way to attract and retain customers, and increase wagers. XBetr can be integrated into all sportsbook and gaming platforms. Over three years developing the gesture recognition and motion activated technologies. Patent has been filed with the USPTO.
  15. ThankYou TechnologyYou CanBetOn Stewart Irvine |+1604 767-6220 Mario Perron |+514 220-0682