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Tools for Market Research

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Eight resources to help an organization identify target audience(s) and build accurate buyer personas.

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Tools for Market Research

  1. 1. 8 resources to help an organization identify target audience(s) and build accurate buyer personas free market research tools
  2. 2. Lean on demographic insight to uncover age, gender, browser, device and interests among your website audience. Drill down by organic, social, paid traffic, etc, to see the same insight into sub-set of audience. google analytics
  3. 3. Most brands’ most coveted, most loyal users are a part of their Facebook community. The information is almost sure to be an accurate representation of the target audience. Get age, gender, and location information, and more.  facebook insights
  4. 4. Twitter followers are often made up of fans who are more likely to buy than not. Look at your native analytics here and learn about your followers’ makeup - from location, to affinity group, to TV interests, to political affiliation.  twitter analytics
  5. 5. Get insight into your professional network from most popular job title, to industry, to location. Though limited, this is vital information that is hard to uncover from other social sites. linkedin analytics
  6. 6. Google Surveys hint at primary, quantitative studies, but they are cheap, can be put together very quickly, and Google carries out the delivery so you don’t have to. Ask your most important persona-related questions and pay based on number of takers. google surveys
  7. 7. Search by zipcode (if you are a local or regional business) and uncover fact-based information about any particular area in the U.S. From poverty and income levels to housing and marital information, this is a go-to resource for initial market research.  census data
  8. 8. A search engine that can help you find research and studies performed by other companies and organizations. Search by keyword and find data that may relate to your efforts or your audience. It's cost-effective and can extremely beneficial.  statista
  9. 9. Nielsen has long used Claritas segments to better understand the living and buying habits of different types of people. Toolbelt Traditionalists and Family Thrifts are just a couple examples, each with different descriptions, data and inferred traits. nielsen