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  1. March 19, 2022 <Community Based Businesses Strategies Work and Respect Project “We are Proud of Our Resources!” One Village One Product Our Village Our Products
  2. Community Based Training (CBT) <Part 1>
  3. 3 Principles of CBT - 1. Local yet Global 2. Human Resources Development 3. Self-Reliance and Creativity
  4. CBT Approach 1. Local yet Global (Think Locally Act Globally) • Local raw materials • Local Market • Local Peoples 2. Human Resources Development • Raw materials Suppliers • Processes • Final users
  5. 3. Self-Reliance and Creativity • Start from what we know before (promote self confidence) • Start by making a small change (Packaging, (Packaging, Test, Size, durability, efficiency, efficiency,
  6. CBT Groups and Partners <Gedio Zone Dilla Town> Group Name Business Type Technical Partner Marketing Partner A Enset-processing (Kocho, Bula, Fiber, ) -Dilla TVET, Univ, Enterprise Office, BolSA, Individual Farmers..) (not decided yet) B Bamboo (Chair, Table, Fence, Fence, Bed, C Honey Bezamar (private company) Bezamar (private company)
  7. “What strategy needs to be taken to establish the sustainable CBT model?” <Part 2> What is the CBT Model? 1. Value Chain Development Models 2. Group Business Operation Models
  8. (1) Local Production Local Consumption Model CBT Group Business Local Community Local Community Supply Raw Materials Local Market (local consumers) Sell CBT Products 1. Value Chain Development Models
  9. (2) Local Production External Consumption Model CBT Group Business Local People Local People Supply Raw Materials Selling Primary- Processed Products Wholesale r Private Processing Company Urban Market (urban consumers) Selling Final Products Final Processing
  10. Non-CBT Group Members CBT Group Members Supply Raw Materials (2) Local Production External Consumption Model CBT Group Business Making Handicrafts Urban Market (urban consumers) Final Products
  11. (3) Cottage Industry Linkage Model <Example: > Barley (Kolo) Processing Group Enset-fiber (Kancha) Group Bamboo Crafts Group We might be able to use bamboo and enset-fiber strings as a package for Kolo.
  12. (5) Export-oriented Business Model Honey Association Honey Group Honey Group Honey Group Honey Group Honey Group Export Certificate is a must. (final processing) Wholesaler Processin g Company (selling primary products) Foreign Market
  13. Let Us Pround of Our Resources!!
  14. Let Us Pround of
  15. So what Resources do we have In Gedio Zone to make business for YwDs?