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How to Do Personal Branding
How to Do Personal Branding
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Breaking branding

  1. A story of personal branding and online marketing today. Breaking Branding by Jarkko Sjöman
  2. It’s 2014 and 99% of people still market like it’s 2004.
  3. “How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” Seth Godin
  4. Use strong content. Be bold. Show your passion. Tell who you are.
  5. You have to tell stories. And stand out.
  6. “If you're committed enough, you can make any story work. I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.” Saul Goodman
  7. Every single marketer is a storyteller.
  8. You have to give value to your audience. And then ask for business.
  9. And to become a great storyteller, you have to get the attention first.
  10. Did I get yours now?
  11. A story of personal branding Breaking Branding
  12. If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.
  13. Creating great content is the first step for you to become an influencer in the social world.
  14. It is also your first step to start personal branding.
  15. Create a simple and memorable statement describing who you are and what you have to offer.
  16. Pick 2-3 social platforms. Each sphere adds to your brand and personal reputation.
  17. I chose: icons are links SlideShare, LinkedIn and Twitter. And decided to be a Superman.
  18. This is my story Breaking Superman
  19. 2 years ago I uploaded my viral resume
  20. Slides became a passion. I always wanted to be better.
  21. “No more half-measures.” Mike Ehrmantraut
  22. +500k #Slideshare views
  23. Yeah, half a million baby! #Slideshare views
  24. +15.000 #Slideshare followers
  25. One of the Top50 Influencers on Slideshere. Dude, there is The White House. And NASA.
  26. I became a public speaker, top influencer on Slideshare and a personal branding coach.
  27. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was … I was alive.” Walter White
  28. Why don’t you start with your own content, today?
  29. “This kicks like a mule with its balls wrapped in duct tape!” Tuco Salamanca
  30. “When you set down the path to create art, whatever sort of art it is, understand that the path is neither short nor easy. That means you must determine if the route is worth the effort. If it’s not, dream bigger.” Seth Godin
  31. Mike Ehrmantraut “Just because you shot Jesse James don’t make you Jesse James.”
  32. I wanted to learn all the new skills about marketing and branding. Because of passion.
  33. “We’re done when I say we’re done.” Walter White
  34. It’s time to cook again.
  35. “I’ve still got things left to do.” Walter White
  36. So here is this SlideShare guru ready to kick some ass.
  37. I am ready and open for new opportunities and challenges! - collaborations - individual projects - jobs - sub-contracting
  38. The Skills - Jarkko Sjöman - personal branding, communications and content marketing - presentations & public speaking - social media and online marketing - HR, recruitment, employer branding and talent management - online community management - coaching and consulting
  39. So what can I do for YOU?
  40. Call me to find out +358 45 3545 705 or email:
  41. This was my story, what’s yours?
  42. If you liked this deck Check out my other presentations. Click these:
  43. And please share my slides. Or I’m branding bad. Follow me:
  44. credits: http:// metrouk2.files.wordpress.com2013/09/61a5cf82-119b-82f6-131a-49d6144738c8_bbs5b_gallery_210990_7_1-00 4_rgb_v1-e1380292769181.jpg