mm-ADT: A Virtual Machine/An Economic Machine

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mm-ADT: A Multi-Model Abstract Data Type

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Open Problems in the Universal Graph Theory

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Gremlin 101.3 On Your FM Dial

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Gremlin's Graph Traversal Machinery

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Quantum Processes in Graph Computing

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ACM DBPL Keynote: The Graph Traversal Machine and Language

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The Gremlin Graph Traversal Language

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The Path Forward

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Faunus: Graph Analytics Engine

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Solving Problems with Graphs

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Titan: The Rise of Big Graph Data

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The Pathology of Graph Databases

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Traversing Graph Databases with Gremlin

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The Path-o-Logical Gremlin

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The Gremlin in the Graph

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Memoirs of a Graph Addict: Despair to Redemption

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Graph Databases: Trends in the Web of Data

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A Perspective on Graph Theory and Network Science

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