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Why You Should Care About ALS @slidecomet @itseugenec

As much as we love how fun the Ice Bucket Challenge is, we can't stand to watch that the whole meaning of why it exists is lost. Here's why you should care about ALS.

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Why You Should Care About ALS @slidecomet @itseugenec

  1. WHY YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT ALS hint: it’s not about buckets of ice
  2. We all know what this is don’t we?
  3. Even the celebrities are doing it.
  4. ALS? ABOUT really know But how much do you
  5. More than 12,000 cases in the US alone. Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  6. 5 YEARS WITHIN Most ALS patients OF DIAGNOSIS DIE Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  7. There is no test for it. & There is no cure.
  8. myotrophic ateral clerosisLA S What it stands for: i.e. a neurodegenerative disease with various causes
  9. Person without ALS: Upper Motor Neurons Lower Motor Neurons Muscle connected to connected to everything works
  10. Upper Motor Neurons Lower Motor Neurons Muscle degenerated degenerated Person with ALS: loss of function
  11. muscle spasticity dysarthriadysphagia/dyspnea What could happen in ‘sciencey’ terms muscle atrophy muscle atrophy muscle atrophy
  12. your muscles lose function you can’t speak properly you have trouble in the toilet you can’t eat or breathe properly What could happen in non ‘sciencey’ terms you can’t feel your arms you can’t walk
  13. Imagine if you couldn’t: Eat Breathe Walk Button Your Shirt anymore.. Talk Kiss your loved one Use the bathroomImage Source: ALS Society of Manitoba
  14. No more.. Walking by the beach Saying “I love you” Munching on your fries Taking a supreme dump Meeting up with friends Hugging someone
  15. It’s that scary.
  16. Yet some people live with it EVERY DAMN DAY Watch Anthony Carbajal’s message.
  17. suffers from ALS image from Wikimedia Commons Stephen Hawking renowned cosmologist
  18. More ice is fine. But remember why the challenge exists.
  19. ALS *739,000 new donors. The ALS Association has seen Read NY Times article here *as at 21 August 2014
  20. Will you help as well?
  21. Visit donate and help further ALS research
  23. Want to keep this? (not the ice) TO DOWNLOAD SHARE
  24. Different name. Same awesome team. We’re now HighSpark. Visit New Site