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The stans

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A lesson about the stans

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The stans

  1. 1. Let’s meet the stans……. The suffix -stan (Persian: ـستان -stān) is Persian for "place of"or "country". 1) Discuss which stans you think are real and which are fake. 2) Write the ones you think are real on the whiteboards/ in your book. There are 5 real ‘stan countries’ from the list. Kyrgyzstan Derkaderkastan Tazbekistan Uzbekistan Kreplachistan Kazakhstan Kamistan Turkmenistan Franistan Tajikistan
  2. 2. The real ‘stans’ are:- Uzbekistan-meaning land of genuine men. Kyrgyzstan – meaning ‘land of mountaineers’. Tajikistan- meaning- land of people with crowns on their heads. Turkmenistan- means land of Turkmen Kazakhstan- meaning land of the independent and free in Turkish- a name given by the Cossack people years ago.
  3. 3. Task 1) Map the 5 ‘stan’ countries and their capital cities. 2)Label the Caspian sea. 3) Label the surrounding countries The 5 ‘Stan’ countries- KRYGYZSTAN TAJIKISTAN TURKMENISTAN UZBEKISTAN KAZAKHSTAN The 5 ‘Stan’ capital cities- BISHKEK TASHKENT ASTANA DUSHANBE ASHGABAT The neighbouring countries- RUSSIA CHINA PAKISTAN IRAN AZERBAIJAN
  4. 4. Major languages= Turkmen, Russian, Uzbek. Major languages= Tajik, Russian, Uzbek Major languages= Kazakh and Russian Major languages= Krygyz, Uzbek, Russian, Dungun. Major languages= Uzbek, Russian, TASK- MATCH THE LANGUAGES TO THE COUNTRY. WRITE THEM OUT AND LINK THEM TO YOUR MAP LIKE THIS:- ASTANA CASPIAN SEA BISHKEK TASHKENT DUSHANBE ASHGABAT
  5. 5. There are 5 ‘stans’: Until late in the 20th century, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were all part of the former Soviet Union. They all became independent states (countries) in 1991 when the U.S.S.R. dissolved. Questions to complete- 1) The 5 stan countries used to be part of which country? 2) They all became independent countries in which year?
  6. 6. Which is the most powerful ‘stan’? In your group use the cards about each Stan to decide which Stan is the most powerful! FIRST! How to make your decision- use the evidence- 1) Rank each factor according to how useful it is in determining ‘power’ . 1. Population: 2. Area: 3. National dish/food: 4. Literacy rate: 5. Unemployment rate: 6. Population below poverty line: 7. Avg. life expectancy: 8. % malnourished: 9. Income (GDP per capita): 10. NATURAL RESOURCES: You should be able to JUSTIFY, give reasons fro your ranking order. YOU ARE GOING TO USE YOUR TOP 5 MOST IMPORTANT TO WORK OUT WHO HAS THE MOST POWER.
  7. 7. Instructions • Write your top 5 Factors into the correct spaces IN YOUR table (each write it but discuss as a group- all put the same information into your table). • Now place the cards in rank order (highest to lowest) for the first factor, so if your first factor is GDP how do you rank the ‘stans’? • The highest GDP ranks 5, the lowest ranks 1. MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR GDP SECOND MOST IMPORTANT NATURAL RESOURCES THIRD MOST IMPORTANT FOURTH MOST IMPORTANT FIFTH MOST IMPORTANT TOTAL FOR COUNTRY (ADD ALL NUMBERS FROM ABOVE ROWS TOGETHER) If you have non numerical data, think of a way to turn it into numerical data. Kazakhstan $14,100 Turkmenistan $9,700 Uzbekistan $3,800 Kyrgyzstan $2,500 Tajikistan $2,300 KAZAKHSTAN KRYGZSTAN TURKMENISTAN UZBEKISTAN TAJIKISTAN MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR 5 X5 = 2 X5 = 4 X5 = 3 X5 = 1 X5 =
  8. 8. • How could you rank natural resources? • Count up how many each nation has, the one with the most gets the highest rank, the least= lowest rank. • Can you rank national dish? How? • You could decide in your group how tasty each sounds- and award points- highest points = highest rank. • Make sure you rank properly- for unemployment rate and % malnourished lower numbers are worth higher ranks!!!!
  10. 10. So which is the best? • Which stan did each group vote as the most ‘powerful’? Full order? • Which factors did they use? • Have any groups got different results? • Why? • Write a paragraph in your book to explain your results.
  11. 11. Population: 8 million Area: 143,100 km² National dish: qurutob- Cheese, lamb and rice fried with onions and herbs. Literacy rate: 99.7% Unemployment rate: 60% Population below poverty line: 35.6% Avg. life expectancy: 67 % malnourished: 15% Income (GDP per capita): $2,300 NATURAL RESOURCES: hydropower, some petroleum, uranium, mercury, brown coal, lead, zinc, tungsten, silver, gold Population: 5.1million Area: 488,100 km² National dish: Plov- rice fried with lamb, carrots and onions Literacy rate: 99.6% Unemployment rate: 60% Population below poverty line: 30% Avg. life expectancy: 69 malnourished: 10.5% Income (GDP): $9,700 NATURAL RESOURCES: petroleum, natural gas, sulfur, salt
  12. 12. Population: 5.6million Area:199,900 km² National dish: Paloo –fried lamb/ mutton/ horse with onions. Literacy rate: 99.2% Unemployment rate: 8.6% Population below poverty line: 33.7% Avg. life expectancy: 70.6 % malnourished: 2.7% Income (GDP):$2,500 Natural resources: hydropower; gold, coal, oil , natural gas, nepheline, mercury, bismuth, lead, and zinc. Population: 28.9 million Area: 447,400 km² National dish: Palov –fried and boiled meat and rice with onions and chickpeas and raisins or barberries. Literacy rate: 99.4% Unemployment rate: 4.9% Population below poverty line: 17% Avg. life expectancy: 73.2 % malnourished: 4.4% Income (GDP): $3,800 NATURAL RESOURCES: natural gas, petroleum, coal, gold, uranium, silver, copper, lead and zinc, tungsten, molybdenum
  13. 13. Population: 17.9 million Area: 2,717,300 km² National dish: Besbarmak- meat and noodles with sour milk Literacy rate: 99.7% Unemployment rate: 5.3% Population below poverty line: 5.3% Avg. life expectancy: 70.2 % malnourished: 3.7% Income (GDP): $14,100 NATURAL RESOURCES: petroleum, natural gas, coal, iron ore, manganese, chrome ore, nickel, cobalt, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc, bauxite, gold, uranium
  14. 14. Which is the best Stan to visit? • nMiM • Quick video to show the stans
  15. 15. The palace of peace and reconciliation. It expresses the Kazakh spirit, where cultures, traditions and representatives of various nationalities coexist in peace, harmony and accord. An unfinished mausoleum in the Kazakh city of Turkestan. Constructed between 1389 and 1405- is a UNESCO world heritage site. Bayterek- An observation tower offering panoramic views of the capital Astana, built to mark the cities transition to being the capital. Zenkov Russian orthodox cathedral, second tallest wooden building in the world. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre, Boasts, swimming areas, football pitches, concert halls, shopping malls, All temperature controlled. Lake Issyk, beautiful lake and scenery.
  16. 16. Minaret of ancient city of Balasagan. Near Tokmok. Altyn Arashan Beautiful mountains and lakes KRYGYZSTAN Dungan mosque, Bishkek Sulayman mountain in OSH- a world heritage site- once a holy place for Muslims.. Visit the local Kyrgyz people and stay with them in their yurt. Muztagh Ata mountain on border with China- beautiful scenery. Issyk Kul, second largest salt lake in the world. Tash Rabat, a 15th century silk road stop off- well preserved. Russian orthodox cathedral in Bishkek , beautiful building
  17. 17. The Dead Sea of Pamir: Lake Karakul, also know as the 'Black Lake', is a vast salt lake in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan Saty with the local nomads in their yurt! No electricity but very welcoming people and stunning views. The village of Karakul, the villagers live here in the winter, when temperatures can drop to -40, but move around the pasture land in the Summer months where temperatures can reach +40. Alauddin Lakes- beautiful mountain scenery, crystal clear waters, peace and quiet. Visit the botanical gardens and mountains and lakes at Khorog.
  18. 18. The ancient city of Samarkand- beautiful buildings and amazing mosaics. Constructed as a burial site and fortress of kings, between the 11th and 19th centuries. The ark, a 15th century fortress in the town. Bukhara The Tashkent tower, one of the world’s tallest. Xuelian Feng (snow lotus peak) mountain.
  19. 19. Turkmen carpet museum- 11 floors dedicated to patterned carpets. The Parthian city of Nisa, founded in the second century. A UNESCO world heritage site. You can go on horse treks, through the country- Turkmen horses are some of the finest looking horses in the world. Horses also perform in circuses One of many statues of president Turkmenbashi in the capital Ashgabat ‘city of love’! Gonur tepe, ancient archaeological site dating back to 2500 BC. The Gypjak mosque The open gas crater, a manmade burning gas hole, set alight to stop poisonous gases escaping into atmosphere- its been burning for 35 years.
  20. 20. So which stan would we most like to visit? • Take a class vote (show of hands) • Keep a tally on the board • Produce a bar chart to show the results. Kazakhstan 5 Tajikistan 12 Turkmenistan 4 Kyrgyzstan 9 Uzbekistan 2 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Number of people Most popular stan in 8P Stan name
  21. 21. Homework task- Produce a piece of work that promotes tourism in one of the ‘stan’ countries. To be achieving level 5 you must:- 1) Show you have used the websites below to research the country. 2) Give at least 3 clear reasons why the stan you have chosen is a good place to visit 3) Show both physical and human features of the country. 4) Talk about where attractions are located. To be achieving level 6 you must:- 1) All of level 5 + 2) Give detailed reasons why the country and at least 5 attractions are a good place to visit. 3) Include specific details about places to visit- including location, heights, pictures. 4) Show why you chose your chosen ‘stan’ country over the 4 other stans! Asia.html virtual tourist website- scroll down the page to find the stans and click on the one you want information about. Then type in your chosen stan to the search box and explore the country. To be achieving level 7 you must:- 1) All of level 5 and 6 + 2) Evidence of your own research. 3) Compare at least 2 ‘stans’ and give detailed reasons why your choice was made.