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Storage Made Easy Content Search

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Storage Made Easy's Content Search, enables companies to search for data across their entire corporate data estate whether on-premise or on-cloud. The SME search solution show all content, whatever the source, in, unified view with automatic classification. Search can be conducted from the web, desktop, or any mobile device.

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Storage Made Easy Content Search

  1. 1. Topic: Sales Briefing Website: Author: Vehera LTD Date: 2016 Enterprise Content
  2. 2. Companies have amassed lots of structured data. All in separate data silos. + Others Companies have lots of data
  3. 3. Accessing this data is done on a ‘point to point basis’ – often a separate App and separate search. The corporate search ‘pain’
  4. 4. SME “Joins Up” Multiple public and private clouds and enables search from any App against all structured content. Any Device Storage Made Easy ‘glue’ Any Cloud
  5. 5. Content of files is searched from multiple sources. Deep Content Search
  6. 6. Unified Search directly from a browser. SME Search ‘Unity’
  7. 7. iPhone example of search Mobile Search example iOS Android
  8. 8. Permissions unify search access to data sources that can be integrated with Active Directory or LDAP. Control visibility of Search
  9. 9. Deployable behind the corporate firewall or in the company data center for a private document search solution. Deployable on-premise
  10. 10. Contact us
  11. 11. Topic: Sales Briefing Website: Author: Vehera LTD Date: 2016 Thanks!