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Storage Made Easy Private Enterprise File Share and Sync Feature Briefing

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This presentation provides an overview of the Storage Made Easy hybrid Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution (EFSS) which works on-premise with existing private or public storage clouds.

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Storage Made Easy Private Enterprise File Share and Sync Feature Briefing

  1. 1. SME Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric: Briefing
  2. 2. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Enterprise  File  Share  and  Sync  Fabric QUICK  FACTS Founded 2009,    Private  UK  LTD  Company Shipping   Product  since  2012 Hundreds  of  customers ISP’s,  Universities, Enterprise Largest  internal deployment:   Telco  100k  users Largest  deployment:  OEM  270k  users What we do: For ISP’s: Enables ISP’s to Launch Own Branded Enterprise File Sync and Share Offering with any storage combination. For Education: Provides controlled secure access to federated on-cloud and on-premises data. For Enterprise: SME offers a “blanket” that enterprises can privately apply to wrap around all their data: on premises, within a public cloud, or on a third party software vendors’ cloud. For Object Storage: Provides SSO access and web desktop and mobile entry points into the deployed Object Storage.
  3. 3. What Storage Made Easy provides
  4. 4. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Enterprise  File  Share  and  Sync  Fabric
  5. 5. Storage Made Easy - Briefing A  federated  private  corporate  DropBox with  IT  control
  6. 6. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Facilitates  easy  access  to  Object  Storage  Solutions
  7. 7. SME Features
  8. 8. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Storage Agnostic Works with almost any private / public storage
  9. 9. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Including: -OpenStack / SwiftStack -Salesforce -BaseCamp -Evernote -Office 365 -Google Drive -Amazon S3 -Amazon Glacier -OpenStack Swift -RackSpace -Google Storage -Nearline -CIFS / SAN / NAS + more 50+ Storage Connectors
  10. 10. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Unified view of Data
  11. 11. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Secure File Sharing -Password protected -Time Expiry Controlled encryption - SHA-256 Audit -Export to Excel CSV -Output to Syslog format Cloud Governance -Set Policies -Control all sharing features -GEO Controls File versioning locking, trashLegal Hold Data Secure features
  12. 12. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Data is not tampered with Files view in Console of other EFSS Apps Files view in console of SME data SME works with existing data and does not move it or seek to rename it – it’s a control fabric
  13. 13. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Web File Manager Support all Mobiles / Tablets natively (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) Native Cloud Drives, sync Apps & Mail integration (Windows, Mac & Linux) Multi-Channel anyplace anywhere access
  14. 14. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Corporate Identity is important All elements are brandable
  15. 15. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Identity Management Out of the box support for LDAP and Active Directory
  16. 16. Storage Made Easy - Briefing ISP’s manage many companies A company Admin managed many users Users can have roles to manage other users or departments Multi-Tenancy support
  17. 17. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Highly Available
  18. 18. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Web office editing (Best of breed) (Cloud to desktop editing) File Commenting (& notifications) PDF Annotation editing (multi-user support) Secure File and Folder Sharing (+ versioning & notifications) Bookmark links (& notifications) Project WorkSpaces (create virtual workspaces) Built in Collaboration
  19. 19. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Works with BlackBerry Sector BYOD built in Works with Mobile Iron Work with Oracle Mobile Security Bring Your Own Device Support
  20. 20. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Access over common protocols: - FTP - WebDav - SFTP Access via S3 compatible API Cloud Storage Points Protocol Gateway
  21. 21. 3Storage Made Easy - Briefing Index the content of documents & other files Content search of stored Assets
  22. 22. Storage Made Easy - Briefing • Private Enterprise File Share & Sync fabric • Works with any Private/Cloud Storage combination • Multi-tenant • Does not ‘tamper’ with data • Fully brandable • Integrates with LDAP / Active directory • Enables strong Cloud Governance / Security features for all corporate data assets • Strong Collaboration features • Built in BYOD & integrates with others • Integrates with Apache SOLR for deep search Summary
  23. 23. Storage Made Easy - Briefing Locations
  24. 24. Questions ? Storage Made Easy Take a trial at