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Storage Made Easy Unified Enterprise File Share and Sync with Cloud Control

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Storage Made Easy Unified Enterprise File Share and Sync with Cloud Control

  1. 1. Topic: Website: Author: Date: Sales Briefing Vehera LTD 2014 

  2. 2. Business Need Current Solution and Pain Sales Briefing
  3. 3. Cloud Security / Control Pain Points 70% of CIOs say Cloud Data Security is a major concern 
 – Goldman Sachs Equity Research Sales Briefing
  4. 4. EFSS Pain Points What is missing from current Enterprise File Share and Sync solutions Minimal or no compliance and governance control Mixed corporate and Personal data Minimal IT control over content No control over physical location of data Seriously lacking Enterprise grade features Lack of security protection + Unification - Search - Collaboration Source: Osterman research Inc Sales Briefing 3
  5. 5. Current Solutions First Generation Cloud-based File Sharing is 
 “Many-to-One” ... Many Devices Access One Service Browser Sales Briefing
  6. 6. Cloud Sprawl There is rampant “Cloud Sprawl” across many file sharing Services in almost any company – BYOC / BYOD problem Sales Briefing
  7. 7. SME ‘glue’ SME “Joins Up” Multiple Devices and Sources
 and Enables Secure “Any-to-Any” Access Any Cloud Any Device Sales Briefing
  8. 8. SME ‘anywhere’ protocol access SME provides access from any standard protocol independent of whether the cloud provider supports this Any Cloud Any standard protocol Sales Briefing
  9. 9. Secure end-to-end Security Secure data even if it is stored on remote providers Works outside of corporate firewall As well as inside corporate firewall Private key stored Any Cloud Sales Briefing
  10. 10. SME ‘Unity’ SME Unifies ALL Clouds in One Interface Share Unify Govern Sales Briefing
  11. 11. SME ‘Control’ Data Control Gateway Secure data on remote clouds Common control point of all private / cloud data with audit Joined up policy on corporate file sharing of all data in-situ Turn data into an asset with unified search and view Sales Briefing 3
  12. 12. Any Device: BYOD Ready Implements BYOD controls for any device or any desktop GEO Restriction Controls IP Address restriction controls Sales Briefing Restrict desktop/mobile access per user
  13. 13. SME does not move data All data stays resident. SME works with existing data - 256bit file encryption for all remote stored data - Active Directory / LDAP Integration - SSO Support - GEO Location fencing Sales Briefing
  14. 14. SME ‘Clouds Supported’ SME Unifies Across All Major Cloud Services, Storage Providers and Collaboration Apps) Mac Mail More to come…. Sales Briefing
  15. 15. Comparing SME SME works with existing private / public data & give security and policy cohesion Device
 Agnostic Storage
 Agnostic 40+ Private & Public Clouds Business Services SharePoint, Box, ... Consumer Services DropBox, SugarSync, Sharefile, … Unification Services Gladinet, Otixo, 
 JoliCloud, ... On-Site Services OxygenCloud, Mezeo OwnCloud, Egnyte, ... Sales Briefing App
 Agnostic Infrastructur Enterprise
 Class Agnostic Audit, SaaS, IaaS, On-Premise choice Controlled Encryption, Cross Cloud Governance,
  16. 16. Thanks ! Investor Confidential 22