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The Enterprise File Fabric™ for Service Providers

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The Enterprise File Fabric™ for Service Providers

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 STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM WHAT IS THE FILE FABRIC ? The Enterprise file Fabric™ is a software platform that enables c o m p a n i e s t o c r e a t e a compelling and differentiated s t o r a g e o r ‘ M u l t i - C l o u d ’ proposition through the use of their existing Storage Platform or using any of the 60+ Clouds supported by the File Fabric. The Platform is a multi-tenant solution that works with existing storage clouds, or can be used with storage solutions such as O p e n S t a c k S w i f t , o r S 3 c o m p a t i b l e s t o r a g e , f o r example. It can quickly be configured to support individual c o n s u m e r, o r b u s i n e s s propositions, that a company can define and customize. The platform consists of a Cloud A p p l i a n c e , s u p p l i e d a s a VMWARE or hypervisor agnostic format, which can be integrated with over 60 storage Clouds and which features meta-data t e c h n o l o g y t h a t s t o r e s information about files that are hosted on one or more storage platforms. The Platform quickly enables access and integration points that encompass all variety of operating systems, and all m a j o r m o b i l e a n d t a b l e t vendors. 
 Increase Revenue Define differentiated propositions and offer desktop and mobile clients to increase revenue.
 Reduce Time to Market leverage the File Fabric and Apps to quickly launch a branded solution on top of your storage with multiple Apps and solution services.
 Reduce your Costs Reduce the costs of building your own Apps and solutions and quickly ramp. Use your Own Storage: Use your own existing Storage or choose open storage solutions such as S3 compatible storage.
 Differentiate your offering Use the available services to differentiate your offering. These include GDPR compliance; content discovery, search and classification; Email Archive + more. We make it simple to engage. If you are a service provider interested in a white label or an OEM into your existing technology, we can accommodate both. Service Providers can choose to use the File Fabric with support for the web option only or can decide upon also to include desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) and mobile Apps (BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Windows 10). Pricing options work as follows: - An monthly or annual subscription fee dependent on package - A per user charge per month variable based on tooling options. - Packages for assistance with branding and/or integration into your environment. The service is multi-tenant so Service Providers can choose to manage many customers from a single Appliance (HA Options available) or they can offer the Appliance in individual instances to specific customers or even resell hybrid instances of the Appliance for on-premises customer use.
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  3. 3. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM SOLUTION FEATURES -Always ‘On’ Service: The File Fabric provide an “always on” web client and also other ways users can interact with the service from any desktop or any mobile. -Access and Manage files on any Cloud: Amazon S3 compatible storage, RackSpace, OpenStack Swift, OneDrive, SharePoint / Office 365, CMIS, Google Apps, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, EMC Atmos, PogoPlug, WebDav, FTP, SalesForce, Jive + more. Over 60 file clouds and SaaS services are supported. All are available to be accessed and managed in a unique Cloud File System or the service can simply show one cloud as desired. Using your existing storage on NAS/SAN is also an option.
 -Flexible deployment oiptions: The File Fabric can be deployed on a customers premises or on the service providers public cloud infrastructure. -Document Management, Collaboration and Workflow: The File Fabric provides collaboration and document management features including file locking, permissions, and file versioning. It also integrates into systems that support the Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS) and provides light workflow features. -Advanced “Cloud Safe” features: Users can choose to have data stored in a nominated Primary Cloud and have it automatically backed up to a Backup Cloud, using the Forever File feature, to ensure data is always available it is needed. If the Primary is down, data is retrieved from the backup ensuring business continuity.
 -Secure File Sharing: Provides advanced file sharing features which includes secure sharing files over email. Each file can also be shared using its own unique URL. that can be set to expire after a number of days, downloaded a minimum number of times, and given a password, for further security -Encrypted Files: All files can be made secure using FIPS certified encryption, even if the underlying storage cloud does not support encryption. Desktop Apps are also available to un- encrypt files outside of the service. -Use more than one cloud: Unlike other solutions the File Fabric does not mandate a data store or restrict users to just one cloud (although it can). . All data is seen in a unique single namespace. SOLUTION FEATURES FILE FABRIC KEY FEATURE OVERVIEW FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS
  4. 4. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM SOLUTION FEATURES -Best of Breed Online Integrations: As well as offering desktop integration with Microsoft Office and Open Office. SME also integrates best of breed online services such as M i c r o s o f t O f f i c e online, Zoho Office, Google Docs, as well as providing inline text editing of files. Other web integrations include MP3 and video streaming . -Email Backup: / Archive: The File Fabric offers an email backup service that is easy to use and also integrates with Microsoft Outlook. The emails are sorted by date and month and stored as files that can be searched and accessed from a users File Manager. -Secure Email Cloud File Sharing features: Share files securely directly from a plugin within Outlook as short links which can be password protected or time expired. All such links can be fully audited. Mac Mail is also supported in a similar fashion for Apple users.
 -Intuitive File Manager Interface: The File Fabric provide an interface users already used too, namely a windows file manager style management directly from within the browser. It even has the concept of Trash before a file is finally deleted ! The same concept is used in all mobile Apps. -Cloud Drives on every desktop: The File Fabric integrates directly in Mac, Windows, or Linux desktops directly as a native ‘Cloud’ Drive plus additional cloud-synchronization-to-desktop tools. -Supports all mobiles: The File Fabric supports BlackBerry, Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone , and Windows Tablets. All brandable. -BYOD Support: Support is built in for Bring your Own Device (BYOD) management and governance. -Policy support: Each company can set their own policies to support their own internal governance standards and to support regimes such as the GDPR or HIPPA. -Fax Integration: SME integrates with the Interfax service which enables users to send documents as faxes directly from the service. An Interfax account is needed. FILE FABRIC KEY FEATURE OVERVIEW FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS
  5. 5. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM SOLUTION FEATURES -Collaboration WorkSpaces: With the File Fabric each user has the ability to create workspaces in which people outside the company can be invited to share content. Each member can, if required, be given permission to share content with the group and the group can be configured for all members to see each other, or not. 
 When new files are uploaded to the group all members receive an automated email informing them of new content. It is a great way to deal with partner networks, or geographically distributed working groups.
 -File Event Auditing: The service can be setup to audit log all file events for each company using the solution, including sharing, download or any type of access for historical, and legislative purposes such the GDPR. Access can also be restricted to specific IP addresses or IP address ranges. -File Audit Watch - An Audit Watch can be set on any file or folder and users are notified of changes in real-time. -Email files directly to Folders: Files can be emailed directly to a folder, and the service will download the files and store them at the emailed folder location in the underlying Cloud Store. -SMS Notifications: The File Fabric can use Twitter as a no-cost messaging backbone for file event notifications and can also offer integration with Twilio for SMS event notifications -Unified Search: Search for data across all storage services that are mapped to the File Fabric. Content can also be indexed using the File Fabric content indexing feature. -Content Discovery: Content Discovery can be used to discover PII data that is uploaded or stored on storage mapped to the File Fabric thereby ensuring legislative compliance to regimes such as HIPPA and GDPR. -Identity Management integration: The File Fabric can be integrated with Active Directory, LDAP or SAML, so that users and Groups can be managed directly from companies IAM system thereby enabling single-sign-on (SSO). Each company in a multi-tenant service provider solution can be setup in this way. SOLUTION FEATURES FILE FABRIC KEY FEATURE OVERVIEW FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS
  6. 6. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM SOLUTION FEATURES -Shared Folders: The File Fabric enables shared team folders to be set that all users in the company can instantly access (dependent on permissions set). This is a great way to store common organizational data and ensures that all users have access to company content such as Marketing, HR literature etc. These folders can be exposed from data that is stored on any Storage or information store that is mapped to the File Server. - Secure Login: If the Identity Access Management integration is not being used the File Fabric ca be set to use a secure token based login authentication, with expiry. - -Visual Permissions Management: Cloud Administrators can set folder and file permissions across information clouds, just like they used to on their departmental file server with a user driven wizard. -Unify Permissions: The Cloud File Server enables unified access permissions for access across all storage that is mapped and exposed to the user base. 
 -GEO Location Recording: For some companies, ‘where they where’ when uploading data and ‘where their data is stored ‘is important for legislative purposes. To this end SME GEO records any data that is uploaded using the File Fabric. -Advanced protocol access: The Cloud File Server exposes all mapped Clouds over FTP, , SFTP, WebDav and Amazon S3 compatible API’s even thought the underlying Clouds may not support these API’s natively. This enables eases of integration with other Apps and systems that use these API’s. -REST API: The File Fabric has a rich REST API with an interactive API test harness. More can be found on this at: - Flexible Deployment: The Appliance is provided as on OVF compliant VMWARE image but can be easily converted to HYPER-V, XEN,, KVM or VDI. 
  7. 7. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM StorageMadeEasy Free hosted and enterprise free trial available from HEAD OFFICE Vehera Ltd |1 Mulgrave Chambers | 26-28 Mulgrave Road | Sutton | London | SM2 6LE | UK USA TELEPHONE +1 415 477 1053 EU TELEPHONE +41 435 080 078 UK TELEPHONE +44(0)2086432885 STORAGE MADE EASY