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CV with Data Analytics - Probably the first of its kind

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An effort to quantify work experience and graphically represent every little detail that would ease the recruitment decision for any employer.

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CV with Data Analytics - Probably the first of its kind

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae of Shahriar Mohammad Osman (Nawed)
  2. 2. Advertising 27% Brand Communication 38% Digital Marketing 35% SMO NAWED
  3. 3. Entrepreneur Service Madonna A+ Roop Adcomm Rahimafrooz Rangs Properties Rangs Group Somewherein White Ribbon Alliance Mousumi Industries Limited Digimarka • SMO Nawed, social media strategist by ownership, creative strategist for an agency by passion and a strategic planner for one of the oldest local brand by profession. The Old Dhaka resident by birth achieved awards from Promo Logic (Inter Uni), MAAW (Global Marketing) and Sharpener (Inter Advertising Agencies). Within 8 years of professional career, he loves mentioning the success of ‘Agora Fresh’ campaign during his years at Rahimafrooz; later switched to Rangs. • Currently experiencing the peak of his career as the Assistant Manager of the Marketing department attaining almost 200% growth since joining Mousumi Industries 2 years back. Earlier, as the Head of Market Communications for somewhereinblog, he has mastered the art of local social media and trained Robi on building fanbase and maintaining. Later he launched Digimarka to create the largest Bangladeshi fanpage, the highest viewed Bangladeshi commercial on youtube in a month and the most invited local brand application. He attended workshops from some of the greatest global advertising individuals, brand personalities and digital marketing gurus of the time. He is the only Bangladeshi to participate on the Asia Pacific Young Marketers Workshop. All achievements mentioned above are credited to the Almighty Allah. CAREER BRIEF
  4. 4. EXPERIENCE By Industry Advertising Automobile FMCG IT Real Estate Retail Social Business Madonna A+ Roop Adcomm Rahimafrooz Rangs Properties Rangs Group Somewherein White Ribbon Alliance Digimarka Mousumi Industries Limited
  5. 5. A+ Adcomm Digimarka Madonna Mousumi Industries Rahimafrooz Rangs Group Rangs Properties Roop SomewhereinWhite Ribbon Alliance EMPLOYERS Graphed by Duration • Digimarka is an entrepreneurial initiative • Serving Mousumi Industries for the longest period • Groomed the early stage with Roop
  6. 6. Madonna A+ Roop Adcomm Rahimafrooz RangsProperties RangsGroup Somewherein WhiteRibbonAlliance Digimarka MousumiIndustries Salary Growth • The gradually increasing salary is currently parked around BDT 60k/month • I prefer comparatively lower salary providing me scope to hire more subordinates to get things rolling faster
  7. 7. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 Sum of Telco Exp % Sum of Real Estate Exp % Sum of Retail Exp % Sum of IT Exp % Sum of FMCG Exp % Sum of Experience Across Employers • My experience across various industries was most useful for Mousumi Industries
  8. 8. Industry Experience • Retail Category Management • In-store Campaigns • Insight Driven Tactics • Loyalty Program: 33% Regain • Social Media Marketing • Social Media Buying • Insight Driven Strategies • Interactive Video Production • Brand Strategy & Communication • Online Marketplace • Media Buying • Experience 3-digit growth%
  9. 9. Taskwise Industry Exposure Advertising Automobile FMCG IT Real Estate Retail Social Business • Summing up all the work till date, I was mostly involved into brand communication through the usage of IT
  10. 10. IT EXPOSURE by Employer Digimarka Entrepreneurship pushed me into understanding this industry Mousumi Industries and Rahimafrooz • Integrated exposure to social media communication • VAS content buying and prepration • E-commerce platform launch Somewhereinblog • Interestingly, this workplace motivated me into technology based marketing. However, my work scope was limited to market creation, mostly
  11. 11. Strongest Experience Zone By Work Advertising Brand Communication Digital Marketing Sum of Real Estate Experience Sum of Retail Experience Sum of FMCG Experience Sum of IT Experience Why Brand Communication rules over advertising? Because brand building tasks were much more in number since joining Roop as Creative Strategist and completely shifting into planning at Adcomm.
  12. 12. The Art in Me Abol Tabol Founder of this open field art exhibition platform partnered by architects and fine art designers to create an impactful art awareness beyond closed doors of galleries Dhakafication Founded this photowalk initiative combining architects, photographers and tourists to revisit Dhaka and learn more about human insights
  13. 13. Some of the Brand Communication Works Visuals Only Click here to read an internship report on Zareen REPACKAGING LOGO & BRAND IDENTITY WEB
  14. 14. LISTED AMONG THE TOP 8 MARKETING PROFESSIONALS OF BANGLADESH BY SDASIA For Further Review Please Check These Links: LinkedIn Online Resume Visualized Resume or Mail To: or Contact: +8801723733838