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Secondary Research Powerpoint

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My powerpoint presentation for secondary research for my A2 Media coursework

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Secondary Research Powerpoint

  1. 1. A2 MEDIA COURSEWORK Secondary research
  2. 2. Show different emotions. Lots of close ups to show emotion Target audience: 16 – 30 year olds of both gender. Lots of (Name of different quick shots film) showing the relationship between 2 minute teaser characters. trailer. Romance genre. Questionnaire feedback on Romance trailers was good
  3. 3. Institutions and Audiences  After my trailer is completed I would have it distributed digitally on the internet. As it is a trailer, YouTube would be a great website to showcase it. There are plenty of trailers on YouTube, as well as millions of members which would therefore boost viewing ratings. I have found a website which gives help on how to advertise movie trailers which will become useful after my trailer is completed.
  4. 4. Research into movie trailers  I looked at various aspects of teaser trailers. For example, how long it lasts, shot types used, dialogue.  As the genre for my trailer is Romance I looked mostly at romance movies to see if there are any typical conventions needed for a romance film, for example shot types.  I know that theatrical trailers and teaser trailers are different in terms of content and length so I need to make sure my trailer reflects previous teaser trailers.
  5. 5. Websites accessed  (accessed June 2009)  (accessed June 2009)  (Accessed July 2009)  (Accessed June 2009)
  6. 6. Trailers I watched  Love Happens  The Time Travellers Wife  The Notebook  Just Married  50 First Dates
  7. 7. Conventions and shot types In the trailers I watched I looked for various conventions that appear in romance trailers. For example, the scenes shown above are from the movies “Love Happens” and “The Notebook”. In both trailers there are scenes of landscapes and they are both of the romance genre. This shows that in romance films landscapes are used widely and is a recurring theme in romance movies, therefore giving me the idea to possibly add landscape shots in my own trailer.
  8. 8. Conventions and shot types cont. Close ups are also widely used in Romance films. Romance films are usually emotional, so close ups are essential to show the emotion of the characters to really portray the emotion from the characters through to the audience. Because close up’s are widely used in Romance films it gives me the idea to use close ups in my own trailer.
  9. 9. Conventions and shot types cont. Like close ups, two shots are also widely used in Romance films. Two shots show characters together and can represent their relationship. For example, the two shots above are from the movies “The Time Travellers Wife” and “Love Happens”. The characters shown are the main characters in the movies. As they are shown together it portrays their relationship to the audience and shows the characters as one together, not individually. As there is large use of two shots in romance movies, my trailer would benefit if I used two shots to portray the relationship of the characters.
  10. 10. Further research This website gave tips and information on how to produce and distribute a movie trailer. Just like it says in step one I have watched lots of movie trailers, of the Romance genre, to get ideas to put into my own trailer. This research has really helped with giving me ideas and showing me the typical shot types and conventions of Romance movies that I can interpret into my own trailer. Because I have researched romance trailers in detail I now feel that I can add aspects of romance movies into my own trailer and it will be a success.
  11. 11. Conclusion  The research I have produced has given me many ideas for my own teaser trailer. As I mentioned in my primary research conclusion, throughout the production of my trailer I will consult the participants of my questionnaire, who are also my target audience, about the aspects of romance movies I am putting into my own trailer. This will help me to make the right decisions and will also effect my trailer in general and the audiences’ view.  After researching many romance teaser trailers I now feel confident I can produce a successful production.