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M health presented by Dr. K. ganapathy

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the future of healthcare in india , the recent advancements , the recent technology in e health , learn all from

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M health presented by Dr. K. ganapathy

  1. 1. mHealthBridging the Health Divide  K.Ganapathy  Apollo  Hospitals Chennai,  India 
  2. 2. Gramjyoti…. Light of the Village How it all Started…. • In  August  07,  Ericsson’s  Gramjyoti  Project  showcased  benefits  of  Mobile Broadband for Rural India, using HSPA • Special license to utilize the 3G spectrum obtained  • 110,000  in  the  Gramjyoti  project  area,  covering  18  villages  &  15 towns, had access to broadband applicationsApollo Hospitals provided Health care, others provided e-education, e-governance, voice & video call services & live TV& entertainment
  3. 3. And the Results• 97  women and  143  men evaluated  over 3 months  • After  initial  hiccups  fine  tuning  resulted  in  satisfactory  transmission of data. • 75 ‐ 12 Lead ECG’s transmitted and  remotely evaluated • Remote  Clinical  Diagnosis  was  followed by distribution of drugs at  the village.
  4. 4. 3g enabled mHealth Demo in Bhutan
  5. 5. VSAT Enabled Hospital on WheelsInterior of VSAT enabled Mobile Van Live Teleconsultation from Van
  6. 6. Advantages of the mHealth System• Better  utilization  of  limited  healthcare resources• Allows  patients  to  remain  in  their  communities• Physical  &  economic  hardships  associated with travel ↓• Earlier  diagnosis,  intervention  &  treatment • Burden on  tertiary care facilities ↓
  7. 7. MOBILITY – A PEEP INTO THE FUTUREPeople always on the move virtually,↑ exposure↑ Technology → bottom up transformation↑ mobility in a global economy a business realityPresent hand helds > powerful than PC’s of 1990MCD will become primary means of accessing INFOwith sensing, processing and display fromembedded intelligent devices in the environmentResistance to new tech, due to inability for massdeployment
  8. 8. HEALTH CARE – A PEEP INTO THE FUTUREFundamental structure of health care, has so far resisted changeNew health needs &  health   management → delivery innovation Today’s mantra “Anytime, anyone,  anywhere”Decentralized,  not capital    intensive huge hospitalsMove health out of hospital & doctor’s office to home, car, office, grocery, DIY
  9. 9. The Emerging Mobile World…• Teledensity in India is currently at 58% • Rural Teledensity in March 2010 – 100 Million (13 %) • Projected to be 200 Million at end of 2012 (25%) • 700  Million  in  suburban  &  rural  India,  have  no  direct  access  to  specialist healthcare • Killer Applications  ‐ mCommerce, mBanking,  mEnt   • mHealth is conspicuous ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ by its absence !!! 
  10. 10. Catch a Wave: Mobile Technology  Today one billion people have access to the internet; 4.6 billion have mobile  subscriptions 50% Source: GSMA Chart: ITU80% of the world’s population has  64% of mobile phones are in mobile phone coverage (expected  emerging economies ‐‐ and that  to rise to 85% in 2010) continues to climb fast
  11. 11. “The quickest way to get rid of poverty right now is to have a mobile telephone.”Source: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images -Muhammad -Yunus Source: Heath Korvola/Digital Vision/Getty Images The Alliance is the  catalyst of the mHealth  ecosystem, committed to  extending health to the  Source: DataDyne farthest reaches of  wireless
  12. 12. Healthcare Transformation Platform Tele- advice Tele-advisors Tele Advice Common Service Center Tele- PSTN advice Doctors CDMA, Telemedicin Tele Advice GSM, e 3G Telemedicine Doctors GramIT Mobile Telemedicine PHC Wi-fi Clinic Administrators Mobile CHCHealth Clinics Sub- VSAT, Bloodline Centers WiMAX Bloodline PPP Models Awareness, Hygiene, Education Public Education and Hygiene Contact Data Mobile Center Disease CenterTelemedicine Surveillance Disease Surveillance Telemedicine Center
  13. 13. Convergence‐driven Platform Touch Points Beneficiaries Patient Healthcare Transformation Engine Provider Tele Advice Telemedicine Tele Education EHR/EMR, Healthcare Research Analytics Pharma Command and Control Center Payor Govt.Internal Partners PPP Model External Partners
  14. 14. ICE mPHR In Case Of Emergency Details Holder’s Name : Venkateswar Reddy Melachervu Emergency Contact Name : Nanda Reddy Melachervu Emergency Contact Number : +91 98765 43210 Relationship : Wife Known Medical Conditions/Allergies : Penicillin Current Medication : None Insurance #: Apollo DKV # 110100/12001/2009/A000061-01 Blood Group : B+Ve
  15. 15. Tele Diagnosis Using Intra Oral Camera
  16. 16. PalmGear.comComprehensiveselection of healthcare software forPDAs do not revealany software formulti speciality .
  17. 17. Radiology (Dicom) Images on PDA Live Video Streaming with Forward,Backward,Next &Features: Zoom In / Previous optionsZoom Out , • Clear Video & AudioPatient Information • Patient Information with Video Courtesy HGN
  18. 18. ECHO  now  being  viewed  in  a  Telemedicine Room  will  be  seen  in  a  3G  enabled  Handheld Smart Phone 
  19. 19. Published: January11, 2010COPENHAGENJens Danstrup, a 77-year-old retiredarchitect, used to bikeall around town. Butyears of smokinghave weakened hislungs, and these dayshe finds it difficult towalk down his frontsteps and hail a taxifor a doctor’sappointment.
  20. 20. Acoustic  Vocalisation  Analysis  Software
  21. 21. Future Of   mHealth 
  22. 22. “Boundless Opportunities in a Borderless World”Apollo Hospitals INDIAtouching lives
  23. 23. Emerging economies like India have the doyens of health care and the czars of IT. With exponential availability of MP  INDIA can use mHealth  to bridge the health divide leap frogging. Who knows one day  the world may strive towards achieving India Class  in mHealth  !!!