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To deliver value in today’s business climate and with a new generation of consumers, marketers are increasingly learning that ‘old tricks’ and predictable branding games – might not get the desired impact. Join Nichole Kelly, CEO of Social Media Explorer as she unveils a bold look into how most brand actions can be grouped into 13 'game groups’. These game groups are not all equally well received. Nichole is joined by Pernille Bruun-Jensen, CMO of NetBase, as they review the power of a new Marketing approach that resonates, brought to life through deep dives on brands like:

-Dollar Shave Club and
Get the tips on how to get your brand ready to win the hearts and minds of today’s consumer – a more savvy consumer than ever.

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  1. 1. The Power of Brand Authenticity: Why Social Data-Driven Marketers are Winning #SMTLive
  2. 2. #SMTLive Join the Conversation… Follow along and share your thoughts on Twitter at #SMTLive Submit your questions in the GoToWebinar control panel
  3. 3. The REAL Power of Brand Authenticity CEO, Social Media Explorer | SME Digital Nichole Kelly CMO, NetBase Pernille Bruun-Jensen
  4. 4. • The NEW challenge • Why we play the games • The games we are playing • Ideas for marketers with a NEW consumer
  5. 5. AGE OF VALUE Market positioning identifier AGE OF YOU Valuable business assets Deliver satisfying and differentiated experiences Recognize the human in the data to satisfy the “Mecosystem” Source: Interbrand’s 15th annual Best Global Brands Report, Oct 2014. AGE OF IDENTITY AGE OF EXPERIENCE The Evolution of the Brand & Consumer Angle
  6. 6. Beauty & Skincare Categories Change ...
  7. 7. Brands Need Both a Quality Product and a Quality Conversation Source: Credit Suisse and NetBase 2014-2015 Lululemon Athletica Lululemon Founder/CEO
  8. 8. It’s Beyond Marketing as Emotions Tie to $ As a marketer, you can influence value all the way to the bottom line by being consumer centric Source: Credit Suisse and NetBase 2014-2015
  9. 9. HASHTAG The New Challenge
  10. 10. INBOUND15 #truth The world is changing
  11. 11. INBOUND15 Why do millenials matter? – 1/3 of American Workers are millenials – They surpassed Gen X to become the LARGEST share of the American workforce Pew Research Center of Analysis of U.S. Census Bureau Data
  12. 12. INBOUND15 #truth How it all started
  13. 13. INBOUND15 #truth It doesn’t look so deceptive
  14. 14. INBOUND15 #truth It doesn’t look so obvious
  15. 15. INBOUND15 #truth It can even make you FEEL good
  16. 16. INBOUND15 #truth It can make you feel like you might MISS out Source:
  17. 17. INBOUND15 #truth It can make you feel like you might MISS out Source:
  18. 18. INBOUND15 #truth It can even make you FEEL love
  19. 19. I’m Right, You’re Wrong Success/Image/Status Parent/Child I’m so different/You’re Not Like Me I’m so smart I belong (to the tribe) The Games
  20. 20. The I’m So Happy Game Keeping the peace Urgency Scarcity Conformity Competition The Games
  21. 21. It’s Not My/Your Fault Martyr Helpless Safety Approval Control Hero/Villain/Victim The Games
  22. 22. INBOUND15 Hero Villain Victim Seeking Safety Approval Control But there’s always a…
  23. 23. INBOUND15 What you need to know about millenials • Typically children of divorce • Want to turn around all the “wrong” they see in the world • Grew up sheltered • First generation of children with “schedules”
  24. 24. INBOUND15 What you need to know about millenials • Focus on change using technology • Global thinking • “Me first” attitude in work life. Flex-time, sabbaticals • Political savvy • Hope to make life contributions to the world
  25. 25. INBOUND15 What you need to know about millenials They want EXPERIENCES that help change the WORLD. nalDifferencesChart.pdf
  26. 26. INBOUND15 How to Market With Radical Honesty
  27. 27. INBOUND15 How to Market With Radical Honesty
  28. 28. INBOUND15 How to Market With Radical Honesty
  29. 29. INBOUND15 Get Really REAL The games YOU play will show up in your marketing
  30. 30. These Brands all generated consumer LOVE Source: NetBase Original 1-year review of Consumer Posts Net Sentiment = overall direction of consumer feeling Dislikes vs. Likes, scale -100 to +100 Passion Intensity tm = Proprietary calculation of depth of emotions into LOVE or HATE
  31. 31. Dollar Shave Club is Upending Marketing I buy razors from Dollar Shave Club meet Raechelle. Shave Butter Magical Stuff from Dollar Shave Club.
  32. 32. In Summary - Ideas for Marketers See the world through the eyes of your consumer. Listen, give them a Voice, be Real, be Responsive 1 2 3 Challenge your message – does your ‘game’ need to move on? Think holistically about the market – your competitors do
  33. 33. INBOUND15 Want to connect after the event?