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IPTC Rights Working Group Toronto October 2018

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Why is rights metadata necessary for modern news and media organizations? How does IPTC's RightsML help solve those requirements? What are the opportunities to work with Google, Europeana, MINDS or other organizations to make progress with addressing the challenge of rights for news and media?

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IPTC Rights Working Group Toronto October 2018

  1. 1. Rights Expression Working Group Stuart Myles * Associated Press * 15th October 2018 © 2018 IPTC ( All rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda • Why rights metadata? – Greater efficiency - enable auto publishing, simplify reuse – Limit legal risks • Why RightsML? – Future-proof your rights expression capabilities – Support content reuse and archive licensing – Support complex rights scenarios • Google Images support for rights metadata • Europeana, and ODRL • What do we want to do next with rights and RightsML?
  3. 3. Rights Challenges • How to increase efficiency? – Eliminate manual review of copyright clearances – Reduce costs by automatically optimizing content selection – Track licensed content, to increase reuse and minimize costs • How to reduce legal risks? – Avoid inadvertent rights infringements – Enforce and relay rights for partner content • How to leverage licensing opportunities? – Determine whether you can share or sell a piece of content from your archive
  4. 4. IPTC RightsML • Rights expression language • Machine processable permissions, restrictions and duties • Tuned to the needs of the news and media industry • IPTC standard • Founded on W3C ODRL
  5. 5. • Supports all use cases - from simple to complex • Designed for all media types – Can be "embedded" within an asset – ideal for photo, video and audio binaries – Or referenced remotely – for example in a rights registry – Or an accompanying file – for cross media publishing • Can be used with a variety of metadata formats – IPTC photo metadata, NewsML-G2, Video Metadata Hub – And many others • Supports a range of modern technologies – XML, JSON-LD, RDF out of the box – And a data model structured to support any others Why IPTC RightsML?
  6. 6. Contracts & Per Item Restrictions • To fully supports content reuse, it is necessary to evaluate the combination of a license and per-item restrictions • RightsML can express entire licensing contracts • And it supports per-item restrictions – like machine- readable editors notes • RightsML can express entirely new permissions, restrictions and duties, without changing the language
  7. 7. Rights Complexity • Some restrictions are straightforward “outs” based on location, distribution channel or recipient • Others, however, can be complex combinations of restrictions • They may also require the fulfilment of complex duties in order to “unlock” a particular use • RightsML supports these types of sophisticated scenarios in a standard, machine-processable way
  8. 8. Adopt RightsML • You need to adopt machine-processable rights if you want to – Enable auto publishing – Limit legal risks • You should adopt RightsML if you want to – Future-proof your rights expression capabilities – Support content reuse and archive licensing – Support complex rights scenarios • Get started with RightsML today
  9. 9. Google Images now supports rights-related metadata Creator, Credit and (soon) Copyright Notice © 2018 IPTC ( All rights reserved 9
  10. 10. Moving Rights Forward • Work with Europeana on – Already using some ODRL properties – Uses RDF data model, so RightsML is a natural fit – It might only require adding a few properties to RightsML vocab? • Work out the details for representing machine readable rights for photos – Photo metadata allows for RightsML or other languages – But there is no real guide for how to do it – And what about … video? • Other opportunities – Does RightsML have a role in “smart contracts” (blockchain)? – Cooperate with other organizations such as MINDS? © 2018 IPTC ( All rights reserved 10
  11. 11. Date and Place of Next Meeting Lisbon 8-10 April 2019 Thanks! © 2018 IPTC ( All rights reserved 11