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5 Point Internal Communications Plan

Internal Communications Plan for best practice comms in your organization.
Build an internal comms plan in 5 easy steps with SnapComms.

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5 Point Internal Communications Plan

  2. 2. Here are areas to focus on for best practice internal communications. 5
  3. 3. PLAN
  4. 4. PLAN • map out what needs to be said, when and how • include all ‘known communications’ e.g. financial results, operational and regulatory updates • add training comms e.g. health and safety, cyber security topics • add 'slow burn' content e.g. culture, compliance • include other departments' comms requests e.g. marketing's new product launches, IT's new software
  5. 5. TARGET
  6. 6. TARGET • target recipient by message to avoid information overload • send the right information to the right people at the right time • only send recipients content that directly related to them to avoid information overload • categorize employees according to their channel preferences i.e. remote workers through SMS • categorize employees by department, location and grades
  7. 7. CREATE
  8. 8. CREATE • remember, your channel is as important as your message, so think carefully about which channel you use • create a matrix and plan preferred channel with message type • create a list of anticipated IC scenarios, the desired outcome, and the staff’s preferences • consider alternative channels to email for important notifications. Desktop alerts, scrolling tickers, screensavers, and digital newsletters are good options
  9. 9. MEASURE
  10. 10. MEASURE • link the performance metrics to the overall company objectives • use internal communication software to accurately measure the impact of your effort • introduce mechanisms such as survey and quizzes, to capture staff feedback and opinions • don’t be tempted to cherry-pick the best results in analysing the data • be prepared for some rises and falls. There are lots of variables that influence the success of any measure, many of which are external forces
  11. 11. EVOLVE
  12. 12. EVOLVE • know when to use the right internal communication channels • be flexible and open-minded in how your message could be improved • use humour, eye-catching visuals, story- telling, employee-generated content and rich media • tap into your creative colleagues, such as marketing, if you need help • focus on the 'why'. If people understand the reason behind your communication, they'll be inclined to respond favorably
  13. 13. IC is no longer an afterthought for organizations. To do it well requires targeting, audience understanding, engaging multi-channel content, and a desire to continually improve.
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