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„There„s no good
 just being better,
       got to be
                     Charles Handy
The Quest for New Growth

    A Framework for Strategic Innovation

2   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
The Agenda

   Why do we need a new approach?
   What‘s Strategic Innovation?
   The Content
   The Process
   The C...
Why do we need a new

4   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
What‘s wrong with strategy today?

       Too much focus on best practices, operational effectiveness and increm...
The solution...?

6   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Strategic Innovation

7   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
                                 Mind Set


What is           ...
The outcome


The dimensions

                                  Content         Process

How to enable
Strategic Innovation?

11   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Continously ask

12   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Which questions?

13   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
What business
                                   are we in?

                                  The Content of       Who...
„Starbucks is not in the
 coffee business.“
              Howard Schultz, Chairman Starbucks Inc.
Redefining the

16   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
The Business Definition

         The way things
            get done                              An
         „around ...
Redefining the Business

     Switch the                      From beating competition to being different
Redefining the Business
Challenging your mental models & conventional wisdom

    What are the main industry assumptions...
„Put simply, the right way
 to define a good customer
 is to pick a definition that
 suits you better than it
 does your ...
Redefining the

21   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Which customers to target?

                                         existing      noncustomers (2nd and 3rd tier)

Redefining the Market
Challenging your mental models & conventional wisdom

    Who are currently your costumers?
    W...
„...ferret out what
 customers really want
 (instead of what they
 say they want).“
                   Andrall E. Pearson
Redefining the

25   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
How to redefine the product?

                                                    start anew, or use existing assets
Changing key elements of product, service, and

What factors should be...?

Looking for inspiration?

28   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Redefining the product

    Which of your assets, capabilities, and core competencies are truly unique?
    Which of th...
Redefining the product

    What do companies in similar or even completely different industries or countries offer?
  ...
Where do you create value...?

                                                  The Six Stages of the Buyer Experience C...
“Business model
 innovation matters and
 it is a top priority of
         Expanding the Innovation Horizon The Gl...
Redefining the
Business Model

33   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
What‘s your business model like?

                                                               (co-creating) experienc...
Redefining the business model

    How do you reach your customers?
    How easy or difficult is it for the customer to...
Redefining the business model

    Is your price affordable by the mass of buyers?
    How creatively do you work with ...
The Strategic Innovation Profile

37   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
...and think through the
issues in a creative

38   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009

39   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Visualizing strategy                                        Generating ideas
 strategy canvas                            ...
„First we shape our
 environments, then our
 environments shape
                   Winston Churchill
Is there a context that
favors strategic

42   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
The Organizational Context of Strategic Innovation

    Research has shown that
     strategically innovative companies
Characteristics of Strategically Innovative Companies
Culture                           Questioning attitude
What can be done?

45   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
Making Innovation everybody‘s everday job

    Make innovation a central topic in leadership development programs
    S...
Enabling Strategic Innovation: First Steps

    Take and allow time for creativity and slack.
    Encourage and motivat...
Questions for discussion

1. Can you think of any companies that routinely experiment with strategic

2. ...
Want more?

49   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009

50   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
A presentation by

51   © Marc Sniukas   June 2009
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Characteristics of Strategically Innovative Companies What is Strategic Innovation?

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Characteristics of Strategically Innovative Companies
Culture Questioning attitude
Rewards success and failure, punishes inaction
Tolerates mistakes
Welcomes change
Slack is welcomed
Supports risk taking and change
Supports teamwork and collaboration
Structure Fast and flat
Small units
Encourages collaboration
Autonomous teams at the front line
Processes Fast and unbureaucratic
Decentralized decision making
Support idea generation, experimentation and execution
Systems Support the process of strategic innovation
Enable collaboration
Enable the use and creation of knowledge
Reward risk taking and action
Used to create relationships with customers
People Variety (internal and external)
44 © Marc Sniukas June 2009
Educated in regard to the strategy and skills needed

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