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Positive life

  1. 1. Lif e
  2. 2. “I Studied everything but never topped, to day the toppers of Best Universities are my employees” Bill Gates…
  3. 3. Success Is a Vehicle Which Moves On a Wheel Named-”Smart Work", But The Journey Is Impossible Without the fuel named-”Self Confidence”
  4. 4. YOU' is a Better Compliment than ‘I Love U’ because U may not always Trust the Person U Love but U Can Always Love the One U Trust.
  5. 5. People are Not DIFFICULT. People are DIFFERENT. “If we Understand this we can Save may Relations in Life…
  6. 6. Caring for someone is easy, but to make someone care for U is difficult…!!!
  7. 7. Having power does not mean that you can move anything, But it means that nothing can move you. Be Strong, Live Strong. In short.. Think Big.
  8. 8. When time is running good, ur mistakes are taken as joke..!But when ur time is bad all ur jokes are noticed mistakenly..!
  9. 9. Target must be “Simple & Challengeable”, thoughts must be “Pure & Positive” , then life will always be “Meaningful & Beautiful”.
  10. 10. A Strong & Positive attitude creates more miracles then any other thing because life is 10% how u make it ,90% how u take it.
  11. 11. “Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and are sure to succeed”. ABRAHAM LINCOLN
  12. 12. “HOPE & END” r always there 4 everyone . It depends on us how we deal with them. “A HOPLESS END OR AN ENDLESS HOPE”
  13. 13. Don’t participate in rat race as even if u wins u are still a rat . Always run with lions , no matter even if u r defeated, u are still a lion.
  14. 14. Remember the two benefits of failure: (1) if u do fail , u learn what doesn’t work & (2) failure gives u do opportunity to try a new approach.
  15. 15. “A single lovable smile is a proper key for many solutions and many confusions..!”.So express ur cute smile every moment.
  16. 16. Success does not depend on making important decisions quickly.. It depends on your quick action on important decision !! Think on it…
  17. 17. We are born to Achieve , not to Fail.
  18. 18. Learn to enjoy every minute of ur life be happy now . Don’t wait for some thin outside of ur self to make u happy. Every minute should be enjoyed.
  19. 19. They can because They Think They can.
  20. 20. If ur eyes r +ve u will like all the people in the world , but if ur tongue is +ve all the people in the world will like you.
  21. 21. Some time ur ambitions get flop . sometimes ur assumption go wrong, but ur goal still awaits u. Be +ve & rework ur goal.
  22. 22. A good way to differentiate love and friendship “with out u, I can’t live”- Is love “u must live, I am with u”- Is friendship.
  23. 23. by Srinath Srinaga