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Exploding 12 myths about presentations

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Exploding 12 myths about presentations

  2. 2. IT ALL STARTS WITH 0 POWERPT a Before starting to prepare the content of your presentation, the first thing you need to do is bone up on who your audience is going to be. It's only after this, that you can move to the structuring process for the script — deciding on the line of reasoning you're going to use and the way you'll address your topic. Remember: this step should be written on paper or in Word! Don't trust your memory. Objectify things. It makes it easier to analyze and see if what you plan makes sense and is thoroughly developed.
  3. 3. "Less is more. " Spaces allow you time to breathe between slides. If there is space around text, for example, it can help the reading process to be more comfortable and help the presenter to make the audience focus on what is desired. 0733.
  4. 4. NUMBERS AND GRAPHS ‘ .5‘ A‘ ‘VLYiA '1 ‘. ‘l Well. it depends on how they're presented. If numbers are contextualized within an interesting story and if graphs have special design, they could actually become the "stars" of a presentation.
  5. 5. THE LOGO HAS 0 ALLTHESLiT. )ES 0 Using a logo is necessary when you want to reinforce a brand, or in situations in which people may forget who they're listening to — like an event in which more than one company is giving a presentation. So, if your presentation isn't aimed at promoting your company to a customer who has never heard of you, or if your presentation will be an in-house, staff, event, then you might want to reconsider: Is it really necessary to include the logo on every slide? 0—
  6. 6. Animations are used when we want to organize information input, so that the eyes of the audience can be directed to the topic under discussion.
  7. 7. *5 A SLIDE IS NEEDED 0 FOR EACH MINUTE 0 OF A PRESENTATION Sseconds 9 minutes You can spend 5 minutes on one slide and 5 seconds on another. The number of slides and their presentation time depends completely on the quantity of visual messages the presenter wants to convey and on the rhythm he/ She wants to give to the visual shifts that occur from slide to slide. DC
  8. 8. EVERYTHING A PRESENTER SAYS 0 HAS TO BE 0 ON THE SL . ._; ~= .i Too much text can divide the attention of the audience between presenter and slide. Instead, use only key information on your slides, whether in the form of text or in the form of images. Otherwise, an audience reads the slides and stops paying attention to you.
  9. 9. 0 TO MEMORIZE 0 EVE RY W0 R D What you need to do is rehearse your presentation in such a way that the line of reasoning makes sense to you. Memorizing word-for-word can make you look — and sound — like a robot. Being natural is one of the key factors for success when speaking in public.
  10. 10. 0 IS A GIFT - There's no doubt there are people out there born with a natural talent for public speaking. But most effective speakers also use a powerful method: practice, practice, practice. Maybe you'll have to rehearse for hours, or maybe even for days, to give a good presentation. But keep in mind: Ifyou want to be natural, the line of reasoning and the links between the slides must be perfectly aligned.
  11. 11. If you speak for an entire meeting, how much time is left for discussion, for O&A? A presentation shouldn't take up more than 40% of meeting time. The other 60% should be used for discussion and for answering questions. ALL MEETING LONG
  12. 12. HAVE TO WAIT A HAVE TO WAIT TIL THE ND A presentation, whether on a stage or in a meeting, should be as natural as an informal chat. If somebody asks something during your presentation, just answer and then go back to the script. Remember: If it's a powerful presentation and a good question, the answer should be on the next slide anyway! Logic, Logic, Logic.
  13. 13. A PRESENTATION - AS WELL AS - GIVEN LIVE A lot of people use presentation PowerPoint files as documents. But what is not used in a live presentation demands more text because the thing needs to be self—explanatory on paper. [Documents handed out at presentations, however, should be used only to convey supporting information]. So maybe you should always prepare a file for use at the presentation and another to be sent to the audience members.
  14. 14. aP STATE OF THE ART PRESENTATIONS L‘ - x V‘ . N -, v To download this eBook go to: http: //downloadssoappresentations. com/ exploding-I2-myths-about—presentations To download other Free Resources go to: http: //soappresentations. com/ free—downloads/ -F E Liked it? Clickandshare.