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Facebook Is a Dinner Party

This presentation about Facebook for (small) businesses was presented by Socialbees founder, Hazel Grace Dircksen at BizTechDay 2009. If you have comments/questions about this presentation or would like to learn more about Socialbees write on our Facebook wall or send us a Tweet and we'll be connected!

These slides were created with great support from presentation pro, Jan Schultink of /

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Facebook Is a Dinner Party

  1. Growing your audience on Facebook Hazel Grace Dircksen 22 October 2009
  3. 300 million people
  4. Active users 150 million log in every day 10 million join a fan page every day
  5. Word of mouth
  6. Word of click Flickr / luis perez
  7. A bit daunting?
  8. Good news
  9. You decide who’s in your circle Community Community
  10. Small businesses - natural community builders Vincent van Gogh, La salle de danse à Arles, 1888, Musée d'Orsay, Paris
  11. Moving online
  12. Think of it as hosting a dinner party Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Le déjeuner des canotiers, 1881, The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.
  13. Invitations
  14. A banner ad to invite people to your party?
  15. Conversations
  16. A newsletter to talk to your guests? Two Pierre-Auguste Renoir, “La conversation”, 1878 Personal conversation 2 way conversation
  17. Recommendations
  18. I am a GREAT hostess!
  19. The guest book with feedback for everyone to see Real people Real names Real feedback
  20. Reputation
  21. Good dinner party hosts always fill a table You People you invited Friends that came along Friends of friends wanting to come along You You
  22. How not to be a host
  23. Too much noise CONVERSATION
  24. Free loading
  25. Always trying to sell Smithsonian Archives Center, National Museum of American History
  26. No show Flickr / roeyahram
  27. Oversharing “ Guess what! I have a rash, and I’m losing my hair!”
  28. Practical application
  29. Old way CORE COMMUNITY Try to sell
  30. New way CORE COMMUNITY Make them excited create buyers create buyers create buyers create buyers
  31. Branded experiences
  32. Showcase your product
  33. A well merchandised storefront
  34. Exclusive fan benefits
  35. Multi-media contests
  36. Make shopping a snap
  37. Integrate applications
  38. Book reservations
  39. Rally your community on Facebook to reach the community offline .
  40. Ads that make a connection
  41. Facebook is…
  42. Your WOM
  43. Your newsletter
  44. Your blog
  45. Your party.
  46. What kind of host will you be?
  47. Cheers! Presentation designed with support from