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2H12: The State of Social Media & Social Media Marketing in the Second Half of 2012

2013 UPDATE: Get the book "SOCIAL STATE" by Esteban Contreras!

This presentation is a 2012 mid-year update and complement to the original "State of Social" presentation by Esteban Contreras:

2H12: The State of Social Media and Social Media Marketing in the Second Half of 2012


Consumer behavior is changing and social media is becoming increasingly relevant for individuals and organizations. As the social media landscape expands and evolves, Facebook maintains its leadership despite IPO pains and mobile weakness. Twitter at #2 is becoming a curator and potential media company while Google+ is becoming Google's SoLoMo layer. Newer players differentiate and create niches of their own, or seek exits. Despite the “success” of social media, public market investors are skeptical but social media's impact on human behavior is undeniable. Mobile is becoming the “first screen," SoLoMo is growing in adoption, influence and importance and the SMMS industry is consolidating. Social media, and social advertising, is no longer a playground but a priority for major brands. While marketers continue to experiment, efforts are much more strategic and studies are starting to show connections between leveraging social paid, promoted, owned and earned media, and changes in purchase intent. Ultimately, the social media opportunity lies in enhanced customer experiences.

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2H12: The State of Social Media & Social Media Marketing in the Second Half of 2012

  2. This presentation is a mid-year update to: ________
  3. Reminder: Social Networks Still Most Popular Online Activity 1 in 5 online minutes spent on SN, Up from 6% in 2007Source: comScore Media Matrix, Worldwide, March 2007 – October 2011, “It’s a Social World,” Dec 21 2011 ________
  4. 1.85 Billion Will Use Social Networks on Monthly Basis by 2014 71% of Internet users, but only 26% of world pop.Source: eMarketer Feb 2012 ________
  5. USA Doesn’t Have Largest Social Networking Population China has 2x social network usersSource: eMarketer, Feb 2012 ________
  6. China is Not Fastest-Growing Social Networking Country India and Indonesia growing fasterSource: eMarketer, Feb 2012 ________
  7. The Social Media Universe Continues to Expand 900 MM+ monthly active users 50MM+ users 800MM+ monthly users visit site 20MM+ users 232MM+ monthly active users 25 MM+ users 161MM+ members 12MM+ monthly active users 150MM+ monthly active users 2MM+ users 140MM+ monthly active users 2MM+ users 115MM+ subscribers 2MM+ users 51MM+ users 2MM+ users 55MM+ blogs 1.5MM+ users More people on more social sites than ever beforeSource: Nielsen, State of the Media: The Social Media Report Q3 2011, Home and Work (May 2011)comScore Media Metrix, U.S., Jun 2007 – May 2011; Twitter; Google Blog; Multiple Other Sources ________
  8. Over 50% of Facebook Users Are Daily Active Users DAU/MAU has grown to 58%, from 45% in 2009Source: Facebook filings, Andrew Chen’s Blog ________
  9. Americans Spend 100,000 Years a Month on Facebook 167 7:10 That’s 50x more than Twitter, 600x more than Google+Source: comScore, Compete, Google Ad Planner, Statista Infographic ________
  10. Facebook has Established Itself as THE Social Platform Apps like Viddy have gone viral thanks to FB Open GraphSource: KCPB Internet Trends 2012, Mary Meeker ________
  11. Facebook Enhancing Publishing, Distribution and Ad Functionality Admin Roles Post-level metrics Mobile-Only Ads Post Scheduling Facebook Offers Log-Out Ads FB is becoming a one-stop shop ________
  12. SM Marketing Is Not Free: Aprox 16% of Facebook “Fans” See Posts Paid + Promoted amplify Owned + EarnedSource: Brian Solis and Jess3 ________
  13. No Surprise: Facebook Dominates Social Ads Top Ad-Selling Companies Are Shifting PlacesSource: eMarketer, Company Reports 2011 & 2012 ________
  14. Facebook Gets 71% of Total Social Network Ad Revenue Others Slowly Gaining TractionSource: eMarketer, Company Reports 2011 & 2012 ________
  15. Is Facebook Taking Its Social Ads Beyond Itself? Maybe… Facebook ads now appearing on ________
  16. Social Sites Will See Greater Growth Than Overall Market in 2012 Marketers planning increased social display ad spendingSource: eMarketer, Advertiser Perceptions ________
  17. U.S. Social Media Ad Spending To Reach $9.8 Billion By 2016 Local U.S. social ad spending will reach $3.1B by 2016Source: BIA/Kelsey Report ________
  18. Social Ads Are Starting to Challenge Traditional Advertising FYI: $363 B spent in TV, print and radio adsSource: eMarketer, The Wall Street Journal, WSJ, WSJ ________
  19. There’s Debate About Social’s Ad Effectiveness Beyond Fan-Building 50% of FB users find ads at least somewhat relevantSource: eMarketer, The Wall Street Journal, WSJ, WSJ ________
  20. Despite Headlines, Marketers Seem To Agree It’s About Execution Owned + Paid + Promoted + Earned = WinningSource: AdAge / Citigroup Facebook Survey ________
  21. Public Market Investors Skeptical of “Social” LinkedIn is outlier in terms of stock performanceSource: KCPB Internet Trends 2012, Mary Meeker ________
  22. The New Bottom Line: Mobile FB’s biggest weakness is its greatest opportunitySource: KCPB Internet Trends 2012, Mary Meeker ________
  23. It’s Really Happening… …Mobile is becoming the first screenSource: Pew Research Center “Cell Internet Use 2012” ________
  24. Led By 400MM Android Activations, Smartphones Are Everywhere Smartphone user adoption still has huge global potentialSource: KCPB Internet Trends 2012, Mary Meeker ________
  25. No Wonder: FB Acquired Instagram for $1B Instagram = New American dreamSource: Online Colleges infographic ________
  26. Facebook& Google= Exit Strategy for Innovative SoLoMo Startups 2004/5 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Source: Wikipedia ________
  27. Google is #1 in Total Online Ad Revenues Google+ has no ads today, generates $0 in revenueSourc: Company Reports 2011 and 2012, eMarketer ________
  28. Google+ Has 150 MM Monthly Active Users After Only 1 Year A total of 250 MM have signed up for Google+Sourc: Google I/O 2012 ________
  29. Google+ More Than “Interest Graph” Map: It’s Google’s SoLoMo Layer More users access G+ on mobile than on desktop ________
  30. Google +1 Button Has Positive SEO Results Referral traffic from Google to FB appears to be droppingSource: HubSpot “The State of Inbound Marketing in 2012;” PageLever ________
  31. Major Brands Are Engaging With Consumers On Google+ 40% of marketers report Google+ is "useful to critical”Source: SimplyMeasured ________
  32. Google+ is Not Yet Dev-Friendly, Google Needs to Get it Right “Look at Facebook. Look at Google Buzz. If you do it wrong, you get blasted.” - Vic Gundotra Few third party tools, no Google+ apps or tabsSource: BusinessInsider ________
  33. The Google+ Hangouts API is More Robust, Shows Promise for Devs Hangouts continues to be a differentiator for Google+Source: Google+ ________
  34. Google+ Game List Has Expanded But… Major game companies like PopCap, Wooga pulled outSource: Google+ ________
  35. Except for Mysterious White Space, No Signs of Ads Within Google+ Ironically: Multiple Google+ spots running on TVSource: The Wall Street Journal ________
  36. 7-Year-Old YouTube is Video Hub for UGC, Music & “Viral” HopefulsSource: ________
  37. Since December 2011, YouTube Views Have Dropped 28% YouTube claims its due to focus on Engagement, TOSSource: comScore, AdAge ________
  38. YouTubes $100 million investment in new premium "channels" TV-like appointment viewing  TV-like ad dollars?Source: AdAge ________
  39. Twitter is Second to Facebook Twitter reaches 11.7% of global internet usersSource: comScore Inc. as cited by Barclays Digital, eMarketer ________
  40. Daily Twitter Use on the Rise, Especially Among 18-24 Year Olds 7.9% of marketers worldwide have run Twitter adsSource: Pew Internet & American Life Project; Greenlight “Search & Social Media Survey”; eMarketer ________
  41. Twitter is Leveraging Acquired Assets Like Summify, Posterous&TweetDeck 340 million Tweets/Day Twitter is officially a “curator” but… media company? ________
  42. Twitter is Partnering with Media Companies + Brands ________
  43. Twitter Conversations Resulting in Insights for Brands SM “listening” continues to evolveSource: Bluefin Labs, Salesforce Radian6 ________
  44. TV Continues to Get… “Social” Multiple screens in the living room becoming the normSource: Viacom “Social TV: Viewers C’s the Moment”; eMarketer ________
  45. 3/4 U.S. Smartphone Owners Regularly Use Location-Based Services Up from 55% in May 2011Source: Pew Research ________
  46. 1/5 U.S. Adult Smartphone Owners Regularly Use “Geosocial” Apps Also: 1/5 U.S. Teen Smartphone Owners Use “Geosocial”Source: Pew Research ________
  47. Foursquare Redesign Emphasizes Recommendations, Not Gamification Is Foursquare losing its relevance?Source: Pew Research ________
  48. Marketers See Value in Online Video, Social, Mobile SoLoMo expectations for future are highSource: Altimeter “Content: The New Marketing Equation” ________
  49. Smartphones Finally Enabling Us To Capture + Stream Video On-The-Go Mobile video catching up to Google / YouTubeSource: Flurry Analytics ________
  50. Socialcam and Viddy Are “Instagram for Video” Candidates vs Both apps leveraged FB OG to get users + increase usageSource: ________
  51. Star-Studded Airtime Launch, Early Adopters Give It a Try Where will Sean Parker & Shawn Fanning take it? ________
  52. A Few Other Social-Related Startups To Check Out ________
  53. Creation and Curation is Easier Than Ever Pinterest is making the web more visualSource: KCPB Internet Trends 2012, Mary Meeker ________
  54. Pinterest Visits Have Slowed Down, FB-Connected Users Has Declined Drop in active users may simply be a correctionSource: Pew Research ________
  55. Pinterest Has Made News As a Traffic-Driver It appears to have effect on purchasing intent as wellSource: Shareaholic, eMarketer BlogHer, Bizarre Insight ________
  56. Proven or Not, Brands Are Experimenting on Pinterest ________
  57. Tumblr Changes Its Mind About Ads Not all advertisers welcome ________
  58. Tumblr Becoming Meme Platform ________
  59. Led by Klout, Multiple Startups Rushing to Measure Social InfluenceSource:, Altimeter Group ________
  60. Brian Solis Says Klout, Kred, Etc. Actually Measures “Social Capital” Social Capital = Potential for InfluenceSource:, Altimeter Group ________
  61. LinkedIn’s Stock Performance Makes “Social” Look Good Viddy app grew dramatically thanks to FB Open GraphSource: KCPB Internet Trends 2012, Mary Meeker; comScoreUnique Visitors March 2012 ________
  62. LinkedIn Acquired SlideShare in May 2012 Transaction valued at approx. $118.75 millionSource: LinkedIn Blog, SlideShare Presentation ________
  63. LinkedIn Stands Out for B2B Marketing HubSpot says LinkedIn is 4x Better for B2BSource: HubSpot ________
  64. It Hasn’t All Been Good For LinkedIn 6.5 MM passwords leaked, iOS app raises privacy issuesSource: LinkedIn News Twitter account ________
  65. Bing Deeply Integrated with Facebook and Other Social Media Microsoft “Socl” launched, but what’s the value prop? ________
  66. Microsoft Acquired Enterprise Social Networking Service Yammer Transaction was $1.2B in cashSource: Yammer, Microsoft ________
  67. Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) Consolidation Continues Buddy Media allegedly sold for 2X+ Vitrue’s sale priceSource: Salesforce, Oracle ________
  68. “Social Business” Shifting from Buzzword to Market RealitySource: Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim “Social Business by Design;” David Armano “Social Business: Where It’s Been & Where It’s Going” ________
  69. Digital Marketing and Social Media Tools Becoming Strategic Priorities 8% Execs Say: “Top Priority” among digital trendsSource: McKinsey Global Survey Results “Minding Your Digital Business” ________
  70. Trending Tactics in Social Media Marketing• Social Curation• Frictionless Sharing• Visual Experimentation ________
  71. Trending Tactics in Social Media Marketing (Cont.)• Storytelling• Fan-Centric Content• Social IRL ________
  72. Sometimes “Good” Social Media Marketing… … is NOT about marketing at all …Source: imgur, Reddit, The Globe and Mail, PR Daily, Social Fresh ________
  73. Good Experiences Are Key to Earned Social Media Advocacy SM conversations & interactions impact brandsSource: eMarketer, Zuberance, Forbes Insight and Weber Shandwick “Socializing Your Brand” ________
  74. Social Media Can Create + Enhance Brand-to-Consumer Relationships Owned + Paid + Promoted + Earned = Earned2+Source: comScore “The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works" ________
  75. Thank You Call Me Maybe:
  76. Don’t Forget to Check Out: ________