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The Evoloving Reality of Technology in Meetings

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The Evoloving Reality of Technology in Meetings

  1. 1. 3,200 customers (60,000 users) 150 countries 3 languages
  2. 2. 1 billion sq ft of function space 600,000 events created 63 million attendees impacted
  3. 3. Disclaimer: Thought-provoking Slides Ahead!
  4. 4. The industry processes we know today will be obliterated.
  5. 5. Coordinating event logistics will be automated.
  6. 6. Event apps will no longer exists.
  7. 7. There will be no cash at events.
  8. 8. Group business will be booked mostly online.
  9. 9. Hotel sales people will become meeting consultants.
  10. 10. 1990s 2010s 2030s Events will have a portion of their attendance be virtual.
  11. 11. Events will be crowdfunded.
  12. 12. Content will be crowdsourced.
  13. 13. Our industry will be embrace transparency.
  14. 14. Hotels will do mostly group business.
  15. 15. Everything planners need will be available on-demand.
  16. 16. Attendees will discover events and sessions that are right for them.
  17. 17. Networks at hotels and events will be a target for hackers.
  18. 18. Rooms will be setup automatically with robots.
  19. 19. Attendees will meet the right people and no business cards will be exchanged.
  20. 20. Technology will an integrated part of the convention service team’s offerings.

Notas del editor

  • Why am I qualified to deliver this session?
    I planned events for a Congressman and ran an 15k member association
    Small-business owner
    I don’t get paid to speak
    Philly CAB
  • Putting the e in front of the RFP, might be innovative, but it’s not disruptive.
    It’s putting lipstick on a pig because the old problems persist and new ones pop up.
    Truly disruptive innovation comes from the obliteration and subsequent reinvention of a process.
    It usually involves disintermediation.

    Uber is obliterating TLCs
    Twitter is oliberating news organizations
    Glassdoor is oliberating the hiring process

  • Automatic scheduling
    Automatic booking
    Automatic guest selection

    What if event planners were completely automated? Software will eventually replace jobs that require human judgement

    What’s next?
    Automated facilitating? Automated follow-up?
  • 150+ event app software
    You can build an app for $2k.
    They make no sense
    Average person can handle 30 apps
    Solution? They will part of bigger app or a universal event app... or they’ll be a pat of the O/S experience.
  • Bitcoin -- matter of time before a government adopts it
    Amazon just released a competitior to square

    What does that mean for tipping?
  • Site visits will be a thing of the past.
    Buyer/seller profiles
    15% for one big chain in 5 years
    Up to 70% online

    What does that mean for BT and small group sales reps?
  • If meetings are booked online, hotel sales reps will become more consultative than ever.
  • 66% of people attending a live event engage in online activities during the event. -"Lifting the Curtain on Live Events," Think with Google, 2014
    Meerkat / Periscope
  • 2. We are moving away from bureaucratic hierarchies toward technology-driven networks.

    PAST: One person at the top controlling everything... info is collected at the bottom, fed up to the top, decisions are made, and they are pushed to the bottom. Transaction costs and communication costs were so high, this was the most efficient way.

    TODAY: Things are voted up and democratized. Airbnb, Twitter, Youtube, Kickstarter...
  • Leveraging big data for attendee interest
    Attendees will curate content (e.g. pick a lineup, location, date)
    Where big ideas come from?
  • ... thanks to publicly available info on rates, dates, and space.
    Reviews will be everywhere
  • 2. We are all nodes on a network thanks to our smartphones. We are all connected to each other all the time. Uber is an example (port is open). Venmo let’s you send money to anyone since it’s peer to peer. Dating is another example.
  • “Sharing economy” => Market Networks
    Same day shipping (e.g. Amazon)
  • 79% use smartphones to look up live event information at the beginning of their research.
    Eventbrite is not a ticketing platform, it’s a discovery platform.
    1 in 3 people thinking about going to a live event are uncertain about which event they will attend.
    If people had been aware that an event was happening in their area 30% would have bought tickets.
  • Some events have been already attacked.
  • HBR: “So Far Robots Seem to Be Improving Productivity, Not Costing Job”

    What will this mean for organized labor? For reaching true 100% occupancy on meeting space?
    Project Underskin