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How Brands are Using Social Media to reach Youth Markets

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Talk given by Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength, at the Global Youth Marketing Forum, 2011, at Taj Land's End, Mumbai, on 9th Feb, 2011.

The talk is about how Social Media can be used by brands to reach out to youth markets. Besides concepts, the presentation also covers a recent case study that Social Wavelength was involved with, with it's client, Channel [v] (part of Fox network / Star TV).

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How Brands are Using Social Media to reach Youth Markets

  1. 1. Social Media Initiatives forYouth Markets Sanjay  Mehta   Jt  CEO,  Social  Wavelength  
  2. 2. A Quick Introduction: About Me
  3. 3. A  Few  of  our  Clients  –  Brands  and  Agencies   One  of  the  Top   5  IT  Companies   in  the  World  
  4. 4. So what’s special aboutYouth Markets?
  5. 5. Enough  and  more  sta/s/cs  about  the  Youth  Market,  I  am  sure..    
  6. 6. The Youth Market, then.. • EVERYONE  wants  a  slice..     • Wan/ng  is  NOT  the  same  as  Doing!   • S/ll  use  Old  Wine  in  New  BoEle   • Tradi/onal  Media   • New  Media  but  old  ways!  
  7. 7. What’s  youth  more  likely  to  be  doing?   And  yet,  where  does  the  marke/ng  money  go??  
  8. 8. It’s  not  about  carpet   • Well  thought  out  strategy   bombing  anymore…   •   Measurable,  clear  objec/ve  driven  Using Social Media then..
  9. 9. The way that the youth takePurchase Decisions has changed
  10. 10. Get into the youth’sbuying decision journey i.  Awareness  /  Considera/on   ii.  Evaluate  –  cri/cal  touch  point   iii.  Buy  –  Point  of  Sale  Issues   iv.  The  Loyalty  Loop  -­‐  Advocacy  
  11. 11. • Most  budgets  allocated  to  crea/ve  and  media  buy    • Alloca/ons  are  usually  about  plaUorm  choices  (radio  /  TV  /  Print),  with  digital  geXng  loose  change  • This  doesn’t  work  –  for  youth  markets  at  least  • Also  need  budgets  for  “non-­‐work”  areas  like  crea/ng,  managing  and    monitoring  owned  and  earned  media  
  12. 12. CASE  STUDY  OF  A  YOUTH  BRAND  
  13. 13. The Channel [v] ChallengeWhat  Was  Involved?  i.  Target  Group:  college  students  from  all  across  the  country  (core  TG  for  [v]  anyway)  ii.   Event:  India’s  largest  inter  collegiate  event,  Indiafest,    in  Goa    iii.       Reach  as  large  a  number  as  possible,  in  as  short  a  /me  as  possible,  at  as  low  a  cost  as  possible                          **  as  always,  the  marke/ng  wish  list    
  14. 14. Used Our Learning in Social Media What  works,  what  doesn’t?   A  very  simple  idea..    1.  As  a  brand,  don’t  try  to  create  Farmvilles   –  keep  it  simple  2.  Causes  that  get  large  scale  par/cipa/on   are  not  about  ‘changing  the  world’,  but   about  simpler  issues  in  life  3.  Passion  drives  viral  engagement    4.  Arm  chair  ac/vism  works  5.  Impulsive  par/cipa/on  is  good  6.  Easy  way  to  recruit  more  7.  In  doing  all  this,  stay  close  to  your  core   TG  and  to  your  core  focus  area  
  15. 15. What was involved?1.  Applica/on  ran  on  [v]’s  Facebook  page  2.  On  the  Facebook  page,  there  was  a  Pre-­‐like  lure,  and  Post-­‐like  revela/on   (fan  build  strategy)  3.  The  Display  Picture  of  the  [v]  Facebook  page  promoted  the  ac/vity  4.  The  simple  3-­‐step  par/cipa/on  was  highlighted  5.  Simply  go  and  ‘like’  your  college;  if  you  don’t  find  your  college,  add  it,   and  then  ‘like’  it  6.  One  could  vote  for  more  than  one  college  7.  On  the  mini-­‐page  for  each  college,  one  could  see  names  and  photos  of   all  those  who  had  voted  for  that  college  8.  A  Leaderboard  was  shown  prominently;  if  your  college  was  not  there,   you  could  work  on  it!  9.  An  ‘invite  friends’  link  also  beckoned  10.  Sabse  Liked  College  was  promoted  on  various  college  forums  and  groups  11.  Regular  posts  happened  from  [v]  FB  page  
  16. 16. All  about  Increasing  Awareness  And   Amplifying  Growth  Through  Contest  
  17. 17. Results of Sabse Liked Collegei.  Ran  from  Dec  12,  2010  to  Jan  31,  2011  ii.  [v]  fan  base  on  Dec  12:  343,185  iii.  [v]  fan  base  on  Jan  31:      648,079  iv.  Growth  of  89%  in  just  50  days!!!  
  18. 18. THANK  YOU   Sanjay  Mehta   Joint  CEO,  Social  Wavelength                                      +91-­‐98200-­‐40918                        @sm63  Since  I  see  a  lot  of  students  in  the  audience,  I  must  add  this…    WE  ARE  HIRING!  If  you  are  interested  to  work  on  Facebook  and  TwiEer  all  day  long    ,  then  write  to