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IMC best presentation by Hamir Singh Rajput, MPA, Islamabad

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IMC best presentation by Hamir Singh Rajput, MPA, Islamabad

  1. 1. MRP/IMC/M1 1
  2. 2. Development and implementation of IMC program is a complex process. It requires the skills and efforts of many people and several specialized organizations/agencies. Which are the participants in the IMC process..? MRP/IMC/M1 2
  3. 3. Participants in the IMC process Advertiser (client) Advertising Agency Media Organizations Marketing Communication Specialist Organizations: Collateral Services -Direct response agencies -Sales promotion agencies -Interactive agencies -PR firms MRP/IMC/M1 3
  4. 4. Advertising Agency It is an outside firm that specializes in the creation, production and placement of communications message and that may provide other services to facilitate the marketing and promotions process. Example : Adone advertiser from kharachi. Nomi group, AD Delta agency MRP/IMC/M1 4
  5. 5. Media Organizations Primary objective is to provide information or entertainment to their subscribers, viewers or readers. Eg. TV channels, print media, radio etc are some of the media organizations. A mediums primary objective is to sell itself as a way for companies to reach their target markets with their message effectively. MRP/IMC/M1 5
  6. 6. Specialized MARCOM services They include: Direct marketing agencies – develops direct marketing programs Sales promotion agencies – develop contests, sweepstakes, premium offers etc. Interactive agencies – use of websites, internet Public relations firms – communication and relationships with relevant publics MRP/IMC/M1 6
  7. 7. Collateral Services They include: Marketing research company, package design firms, consultants, photographers, event marketing companies. MRP/IMC/M1 7
  8. 8. Client side: Organization structure for promotion: Centralized system Decentralized system In-house agency MRP/IMC/M1 8
  9. 9. Centralized system CEO Production FInance Marketing R&D Human Resources Marketing Research Advertising Advertising Manager Sales Product Planning MRP/IMC/M1 9
  10. 10. In such a system, the basic functions of the advertising manager are as follows: 1. Planning and Budgeting 2. Administration and execution 3. Coordination with other departments – market research, sales dept 4. Coordination with outside agencies and services MRP/IMC/M1 10
  11. 11. Decentralized system Production FInance Marketing Services Advertising Department Marketing Research CEO Marketing R&D Product Management Human Resources Sales Product/brand Manager Brand Manager Ad agency Product Manager Brand Manager Ad agency Product Manager Brand Manager Ad agency MRP/IMC/M1 11
  12. 12. In-house agencies It is an advertising agency that is set up, owned, and operated by the advertiser. Sometimes they are little more than advertising departments only. They result in cost saving, time saving and are better controlled by the management. Eg. Calvin Klein, The Gap, Benetton MRP/IMC/M1 12
  13. 13. Organizational System Advantages Disadvantages Centralized - Fewer persons - More top-mgmt involvement - Longer response time - Cannot handle multiple product lines Decentralized - Rapid response to problems - Increased flexibility - Ineffective decision making - Internal conflicts In-house agency - Cost savings - More control - Less experience - Less objectivity MRP/IMC/M1 13
  14. 14. The Ad agency’s role in IMC Reasons for using an agency: -Services of highly skilled individuals who are specialists in their chosen fields. - Industry specific offerings of agencies -An outside agency can provide an objective viewpoint of the market and is not subject to internal company policies, biases or other limitations -It can draw on the broad range of experience MRP/IMC/M1 14
  15. 15. Types of Ad agencies: -Full service agencies -Creative -Media boutiques buying services MRP/IMC/M1 15
  16. 16. Planning Planning advertising advertising Creating Creating advertising advertising Producing Producing advertising advertising Full range of Full range of marketing marketing communication communication and promotion and promotion services services Performing Performing research research Selecting media Selecting media Interactive Interactive capabilities capabilities Strategic market Strategic market planning planning Sales Sales promotions promotions Direct Direct marketing marketing Nonadvertising Nonadvertising services services Package design Package design Public relations Public relations and publicity and publicity MRP/IMC/M1 16
  17. 17. Creative services -Creation and execution of advertisements -Copywriters write the message and art department takes care of how the ad looks -For TV ads, the layout is known as a storyboard -Once the copy, layout, illustrations have been completed, the ad is turned over to the production department -Printers, -A photographers, typographers are hired to produce the ad traffic department coordinates the phases of production MRP/IMC/M1 17
  18. 18. Account services -This is the link between the ad agency and its clients -The account executive is responsible for understanding the advertiser’s marketing and promotions needs and interpreting them to the agency personnel MRP/IMC/M1 18
  19. 19. Marketing Services -It includes a marketing research department to gather, analyze and interpret information -The media department analyzes, selects and contracts for space or time in the media MRP/IMC/M1 19
  20. 20. Management and Finance -The ad agency must be managed and perform basic operating and administrative functions such as accounting, finance and human resources. -Large agencies employ administrative, managerial and clerical people to perform these functions. -Almost 64% of an agencies income goes to salary and benefits for its employees MRP/IMC/M1 20
  21. 21. Board of directors President VP creative services VP account services Print production Writers Art directors TV production Traffic VP marketing services Media Account supervision VP management and finance Sales Promotion Research Office management Account Executive Finance Accounting Personnel MRP/IMC/M1 21
  22. 22. Creative Boutiques It is an agency that provides only creative services. Full service agencies often subcontract work to creative boutiques when they are very busy or because its own employees do not have sufficient skills. MRP/IMC/M1 22
  23. 23. Media buying services They are independent companies that specialize in the buying of media time. Eg. Radio and television time Since they purchase large amounts of time and space, they receive large discounts and can save the small agency or client money on media purchases. MRP/IMC/M1 23
  24. 24. How agencies gain clients? Through referrals – from existing clients, media and even other agencies Business Development Solicitations – seeks and establish contact with new clients Presentations – give a speculative presentation for prospective clients Public relations – participation in events, work with charitable organizations or just engage in mass media publicity Image and reputation – developed over the years working with big clients MRP/IMC/M1 24
  25. 25. Referrals Referrals Presentations Presentations Solicitations Solicitations Public Relations Public Relations Image, Reputation Image, Reputation MRP/IMC/M1 25
  26. 26. Poor performance Declining sales Personnel changes Poor communications Payment conflicts Changes in size of client or agency Unrealistic Client demands Personality conflicts Conflicts of Interest – competition Policy Changes Change in client’s strategy MRP/IMC/M1 26
  27. 27. Specialized Services Database Database management management DirectDirectMarketing Marketing Agencies Agencies Media services Media services Direct Direct mail mail Research Research Creative Creative Database Database development, development, management management Production Production MRP/IMC/M1 27
  28. 28. Sales Promotion Agency Promotional planning Promotional planning Creative research Creative research Tie-in coordination Tie-in coordination Fulfillment Fulfillment Premium design and Premium design and manufacturing manufacturing Catalog production Catalog production Contest/sweepstakes Contest/sweepstakes management management MRP/IMC/M1 28
  29. 29. PR Firms Strategy development Generating publicity Lobbying Public affairs Special events News releases, communication Managing crises Research Coordination with promotional areas MRP/IMC/M1 29
  30. 30. Interactive Media Services Web Web banner ads banner ads Web sites Web sites CD-ROMs CD-ROMs Interactive Interactive Media Creation Media Creation Kiosks Kiosks Text messages Text messages Search engine Search engine optimization optimization MRP/IMC/M1 30
  31. 31. Collateral Services – Marketing Research Company Help clients underHelp clients understand target stand target audience audience Qualitative research Qualitative research Quantitative studies Quantitative studies MRP/IMC/M1 31
  32. 32. MRP/IMC/M1 32