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  2. 2. UrbanPoverty the state of is one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money.
  3. 3. The Malaysian government
  4. 4. The Malaysiangovernment defines urban poverty as lack of monetary ability to procure basic needs, which areseparated into food and non-food components, measured by non- food and food Poverty Line Income (PLI).
  5. 5. only 3.6% of the Malaysian population is living below the overall urban poverty line.
  6. 6. Occurrence of the causal factors urban poverty of
  7. 7. unemployment
  8. 8. Low levels of education
  9. 9. Urban poverty can raise a lot ofImPaCt????
  10. 10. lose theopportunity toobtain quality healthcare services.
  11. 11. Tendency is Crime
  12. 12. Ruin themorals andManner s
  13. 13. WeAkeNthe mind
  14. 14. More accessi information
  15. 15. Strategy to increase income
  16. 16. The government shouldprovide more jobopportunities
  17. 17. implement innovative educational policies
  18. 18. conclusio n
  19. 19. the conclusion is it can be concluded about the percentage of urban poverty declining from 8.7% to 3.6%. the effects of urban poverty such as unemployment, lack of knowledge, crime, etc. can be reduced if poverty in rural or urban decline. various measures can be taken to reduce the percentage of poverty in Malaysia especially in the city. for example the increase of salary, subsidy, augment employment opportunities and so on. I hope the people of Malaysia are aware of the evils of poverty to the very high and changed for the better.
  20. 20. journal Daniel Suryadarma. The Effects of Location and Sectoral components of Economics growth on poverty. Journal of Development Economics. Volume 89,issue 1, May 2009. Pages 109 -117. Christopher Murray, Kimber Malmgren. Implementing a teacher – student relationship program in a high – poverty urban school : Effect on Social. Emotional and Academic adjustment and lessons learned. Journal of school psychology. Volume 43, issue , March – April 2005. Pages 137 – 152.
  21. 21.  Aril Rupasingha, Stephan J. Goetz. social and Political forces as Determinants of Poverty. The journal of Socio – Economics, volume 36, issue 4, August 2007. pages 650 - 671.
  22. 22. Website Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah. Sara Shakilla Mohd Salim. Poverty Eradication In Malaysia : The needs for skilled community worker.
  23. 23. Alhamdulillah.. 
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