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Soft serve australian services

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The services that the soft serve Australia provides to their customers all over the world.

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Soft serve australian services

  1. 1. Soft Serve Australia maintains a consistent quality and taste of products anywhere you go Soft Serve Products are provided to customer with following services : • Custom formulation development • Private labelling • Multi-location dispatch • Contract manufacturing & packaging
  2. 2. An established brand with optimum customer service - an ideal way to enhance your profits! Nation-wide and international distribution network of Soft Serve Australia provides a one-stop shop for frozen yoghurt, soft serve bases and associated products. Soft Serve Australia provide everything you need to begin your journey and grow your business. Soft Serve Australia helps to achieve specific goals by fulfilling the unique requirement and offering custom-made solution. An improved business value than your competitor will be provided to you. High quality product of Soft Serve Australia helps you be profitable in your business. High quality of products has proved to nurture sales and generate great customer satisfaction from different types of vocations like cafes, clubs, theme parks and many more.
  3. 3. ICE-CREAM Powder based product offered by Soft Serve Australia adds the nutritional value of a liquid soft serve that would contain fresh milk. There is no need for refrigeration as it has a substantial shelf life. Simply blend with water and pour into the machine.
  4. 4. Frosty Boy Australia is an internationally acclaimed food manufacturer specialising in producing high quality dessert and beverage options distributed to almost 50 countries all over the world. Pure happiness Ambassador
  5. 5. To know more please visit: