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Luciano Floridi

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Presentation for the VINT event "The Pursuit of Digital Happiness"

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Luciano Floridi

  1. 1. Happiness Onlife Luciano Floridi Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information, University of Oxford Director, Digital Ethics Lab, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford Faculty Fellow, Chair of the Data Ethics Group, The Alan Turing Institute @Floridi |
  2. 2. “to cleave” a) “to split or sever something”, especially along a natural line or grain; b) “to stick fast or adhere strongly to” something. a) Old English cleofan, related to the German klieben (to cut through); b) Old English clifian, related to the German kleben (to stick or cling).
  3. 3. Digital’s cleaving power Cut and Paste
  4. 4. presence ≠ location
  5. 5. law ≠ territoriality
  6. 6. ownership ≠ usage
  7. 7. agency ≠ intelligence
  8. 8. production ++ consumption
  9. 9. authenticity + memory = blockchain
  10. 10. information + identity = data subject
  11. 11. offline + online = onlife
  12. 12. presence ≠ location law ≠ territoriality ownership ≠ usage agency ≠ intelligence production ++ consumption authenticity + memory analog + digital Information + identity
  13. 13. Happy onlife?
  14. 14. analog + digital = infosphere
  15. 15. eudamonia in the infosphere
  16. 16. Risks: escapism (absence), absorption attention), alienation (distraction).
  17. 17. Opportunities: empowerment and ontrol, enrichment and fulfillment.
  18. 18. Digital’s cleaving power
  19. 19. many stones, plenty of design
  20. 20. design for onlife eudamonia
  21. 21. Invention
  22. 22. Discovery
  23. 23. Design
  24. 24. Innovation [discovery] [invention] design
  25. 25. Pandora’s box: hope
  26. 26. The Human Project • Capitalism ≠ Consumerism • Capitalism + Fostering • Firms as Good Citizens • Firms as Political Agents for Good
  27. 27. The digital age is the age of design. It should be the age of good design.
  28. 28. THANK YOU COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER Texts, marks, logos, names, graphics, images, photographs, illustrations, artwork, audio clips, video clips, and software copyrighted by their respective owners are used on these slides for non-commercial, educational and personal purposes only. Use of any copyrighted material is not authorized without the written consent of the copyright holder. Every effort has been made to respect the copyrights of other parties. If you believe that your copyright has been misused, please direct your correspondence to: stating your position and I shall endeavour to correct any misuse. @Floridi |