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presentation on gaming zone

slides for new business of gaming zone

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presentation on gaming zone

  1. 1. Game corner
  2. 2. Submitted to : sir imran khan Submitted by: Sohail iqbal Imran Nadir Ahson Khalid Selman Ahmed Qaiser Abbas
  3. 3. Games as YOU imagine them to be. Updated Realistic Big screens Censored Less payments Music Multiplayer
  4. 4. Problems of customers at home Regular game crashes Software updates System compatibility Huge internet bandwidth Regular changes in computer components
  5. 5. Business Idea “Small Screens are boring/ Need something lively?” The business idea is to start gaming zones at main cities of Pakistan, first in Islamabad, then Rawalpindi, Lahore, etc., to attract youth and other game lovers. Game zone will provide an electrifying and a never-before real gaming experience for people who loves to play games.
  6. 6. Game corner view
  7. 7. Vision Mission To become number one in market Highest quality gaming machines 24 hours services Customer satisfaction Expand the business in all over the Pakistan Be the leading in providing gaming services
  8. 8. Value proposition  Best gaming machines  Clarity  Graphics  3D Screens
  9. 9. Competitive Advantage  Latest gaming machines X-box Ps 4 Nintendo wii  24 hours services  3D facts  Low prices of packages
  10. 10.  Strength:  High graphic machines  First mover advantage  Large number of categories of games  Weaknesses:  Lack of experience business  Price of games are high Opportunities: Can start new gaming zone in other areas outside Islamabad and Pakistan. Monopolistic advantages to market leader.  Threats: Political and Economical instability New competitors Swot Analysis
  11. 11. 4 p’s of marketing 1 Pricing:  Full Day Package PKR 1000/= (any game)  1 Hour Package PKR 100/= (X-Box)  1 Hour Package PKR 200/= (PS-4)  1 Hour Package PKR 80/= (PC)  for members there is 50% discount on every game 2 place: game corner is going to open near Abpara market
  12. 12. 3 promotion: Posters Universities/Colleges/Schools Advertisement in News papers Internet Sports’Clubs TV and Radio Marketing:
  13. 13. Products & Services PC PSP Xbox Play Stations Nintendo Wii Games  Shooting games Strategy games Sport games Adventurous games
  14. 14. Features & Benefits Gaming Atmosphere Tuck Shop Discount
  15. 15. Target Market Children (above 12 years) Adults
  16. 16. Sales Packages:  Per token  Hourly tokens  Per day tokens Advance booking of slot Selecting competitors of own choice In future;  Monthly Packages  Yearly memberships
  17. 17. Possible Future Facilities/Service Delivery Facilities at train/bus stations
  18. 18. Financial Planning Project Financing Description Details Total Equity (10%) PKR 3,28,455/= Bank Loan (90%) PKR 29,56,095/= Project Cost Capital Investment Amount (PKR) Land -Building/Infrastructure 2,00,000 Machinery & Equipment 24,03,800 Furniture & Fixtures 4,20,750 Office Equipment 1,80,000 Human resource 80,000 Total Capital Cost 32,84,550
  19. 19. Machinery & Equipment Description Quantity Cost (PKR/Unit) Total PKR X-Box 4 30800 1,23,200 PlayStation 4 4 56400 2,25,600 Computers 25 35000 8,75,000 Snokers table 2 150000 3,00,000 LCD’s 8 80000 6,40,000 UPS 8 30000 2,40,000 Total 24,03,800 Office Equipment Detail Description Quantity Cost (PKR/Unit) Total PKR Telephone 1 5000 5,000 Networking 1 150000 1,50,000 Lighting (tube lights) 25 1000 25,000 Total 1,80,000
  20. 20. Furniture & Fixture Detail Description Unit cost./Unit Total PKR Chairs 32 2,460 78,750 Computer Tables 21 5,000 105,000 Wall Fans 21 2,000 42,000 Misc. 30,000 30,000 Ac’s 3 55,000 165,000 Total 4,20,750
  21. 21. GAME Corner Marketing Customers Income ExpenditureProfit Employees Resources The Business System
  22. 22. Sales Strategy: Game Corner will have a board of notice with all the games that can be played in company’s facility. Customers will reach each new version of the game available (hottest games), and can easily reach any improvements of Game Corner with posters and other marketing channels. In other words, customers will be able to follow up company’s offerings and choose the package that fits their demands. Sales Forecast: Game Corner’s projections show that the company expects to get 2000 customers in year 1, the number is expected to grow to 3,000 in year 2 and rise to 4,000 by year 3. A sharp increase in the number of customers is expected to be driven by good gaming experience that will be provided by the company.
  23. 23. Risks Evaluation:  Possible risks to this business could be the issue of replicating the business model after the business being a huge success in the market.  There are no big game premises like the business is planning to work out in Islamabad There are small centers in big cities which are more like browsing centers than a gaming Centre.  People`s interest as a solo-player, and affordability of the gaming- equipment for home usage.
  24. 24. Managing as a new entrant in the market and succeeding with price negotiations with the game releasing companies for the consoles and licenses will be a challenge. After being successful in one big city as an entrant, it will be a challenge to start another one before there are competitors into the business in the new city. We think that this business has huge advantage being the first entrant in terms of turnover. Even a slight twist in the financial operations could be a risky option for the business. The company will take care of the operations and the stakeholder’s interest.
  25. 25. Conclusion:  Gaming zone the best project and business to choose.  According to the Needs of the customers  High profit expectation  Low cost