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Sunny Outlook for Solar Energy-Revolve Solar

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Dramatic fall in prices of solar panels, a host of temporary incentives, and thousands in value-adds make this the best time to add solar power to your home and commercial area.

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Sunny Outlook for Solar Energy-Revolve Solar

  1. 1. A Sunny Outlook for Solar Energy in 2015 Now that it’s time to start settling into the new year of 2015, what is there to say about the outlook for solar power? One way that we can set expectations for the New Year is to take a look back at what happened in 2014. Did things work out for solar advocates and investors? Luckily for us solar power enthusiasts as well as those who might be thinking about installing their own residential solar panels, the future looks bright. Some of the best news in solar power comes from abroad. While in the domestic US market prices are still low for solar power installations, international investments bring great news for solar power. One Sunny Day in Germany… It should be no surprise that Germany was able to break a truly exciting record this past year. The European country has been investing in solar power for some time, and they are recognized as world leaders in the pursuit of green energy. German chancellor Angela Merkel was reported in 2011 as saying, "We want to end the use of nuclear energy and reach the age of renewable energy as fast as possible.”
  2. 2. Merkel truly is committing her administration to some staggering and admirable goals. By 2022, she would like to shut down all nuclear reactors, and by 2050, she hopes for a full 80% of energy consumed in Germany to come from renewable sources, such as wind power, solar power, and hydro-electric power. The great record breaking occurred on one particularly sunny day in June of 2014. On this day, a full half of all energy consumed by Germany was produced by solar power alone! Not by a group of renewable energy sources - just solar power. Bloomberg’s Businessweek also reported positive gains in Germany’s overall green energy output. In August of 2014, they had already increased total solar energy production by 28% compared to that same time period in 2013. Overall, at least 31% of Germany’s energy had been produced by renewable sources. Residential Panels on the Rise in the UK The United Kingdom saw a burst of interest in residential solar panel installations. There are several different classes of solar installations, each suiting different client needs: commercial and residential. In the United Kingdom, residential solar panels played a starring role in the country’s 2014 energy investments. That’s not to say that commercial investments or overall interest lagged. In Britain particularly, The Guardian quotes Ray Noble of the UK National Solar Centre saying “Britain has virtually doubled its capacity in the last year, with 80,000 more installations.” He points out that not all of these installations were residents stepping up to invest in solar power: some several thousand commercial projects were counted within the 80,000. But the most impressive gains were made in the personal investments fronted by citizens in the United Kingdom. Of the 530,000 solar power installations that are currently operating in the UK, a whopping 510,000 are residential. Clearing the Skies in China China is a country notorious for its pollution problem. In the last year, documentation of the extreme state of air and water pollution has flooded the Internet, in the form of journalistic articles and harrowing pictures. It’s likely that in 2014 anyone on the Internet came across one of the many pictures that are circulating, showing how the intense air pollution has blocked the silhouette of city skyscrapers. Citizens within urban districts can be seen wearing facemasks to help them breathe clearer, cleaner air. If any country would need to switch to solar energy as soon as possible, it may just be China. In 2014, according to Bloomberg’s Businessweek, China’s leaders were sensitive to this need, and acted fast to install more solar panels in the country, switching energy production to renewable, non-polluting sources. With many recent solar projects already installed in the rural western portions of China, where the population is spread thin across farming districts, the country is now committing in 2015 to up its solar installations in urban areas, where drastic change is needed fast. Great Prices in the US
  3. 3. Falling prices for solar installations in the US should be old news by now. For years, prices for solar energy installations have been steadily decreasing. Additionally, many different incentives, tax breaks, group plans, and general government subsidies exist to help stimulate greater investment in solar power. The incentives and tax breaks vary, state by state. For the latest information on a geographical area of interest, try searching the Internet for more information on what is available in that state. Solar energy companies are also always eager to discuss payment plans and special pricing rates, and any other deals that may be available to consumers. There’s a consensus! Across the United States, and around the world, more people and more leaders are coming to recognize the need to invest in solar power. In 2014, the facts around green energy adoption tell a hopeful story, creating a positive outlook for many years to come. More and more benefits are being created for those who make the switch to green energy. To reap these benefits, consult with a solar energy provider and find out if 2015 might be the year that green energy comes to your home or business, too. About Revolve Solar Revolve Solar is a leader in the Solar Industry. Located in Central Texas and Northern California, the focus is on customer service for both residential and commercial clientele. Saving the world and your money one system at a time.