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Kano Model Worksheet

Blank Kano model chart which you can use in stakeholder workshops to assess importance of features and investment required to delight your users.

Terms of use: I've released this with a Creative Commons - Attribution license, which means you are free to copy, download, use and modify as you wish, so long as you credit me and include link to my website (

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Kano Model Worksheet

  1. 1. Feature Sophistication UserSatisfaction Not Present Poor Best of BreedBasic Dissatisfied Disappointed Neutral Satisfied Delighted Feature/Theme Kano Model Sophie Dennis | @sophiedennis ‘Understanding the Kano Model - A Tool for Sophisticated Designers’ Jared Spool, UIE ‘Leveraging the Kano Model for Optimal Results’ Jan Moorman, UX Mag the-kano-model-for-optimal-results Further Reading Plot the implementation options on the Kano chart, based on how satisfied or disatisfied you think users will be with each option. 1. Write the name of the overall feature or theme in the box above. 2. Write the number of each option where you think it falls on the chart, based on its level of user satisfaction and feature sophistication. Task