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Trending the Future - Mobile Trends 2

Do you have a global, mobile strategy?
Are you involving your audience and brand through creativity?
Are you ready for mobile payment?
Do you have a multi-screen strategy?

You should. Because...


A new age began to emerge. Mobile technology was freeing humanity from the ball and chain of the personal computer.

It was predicted that by the end of 2011 mobile technology would reach full adoption...


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Trending the Future - Mobile Trends 2

  1. 1. TRENDING THE FUTURE MOBILE TRENDS 150 days of digital marketing & advertising
  2. 2. one year ago 35% of Americans had a smartphone Source: Pew Research
  3. 3. today 54% of Americans have a smartphone Source: Nielsen
  4. 4. U.S. Smartphone Adoption Source: Nielsen, PEW 58% FEATURE1.5M PHONES * 56% 54% 52% 54%new smartphones 46% 48%are being activated 44%every day 41% SMARTPHONES Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. 2011 2012 *On Average - Source: Flurry
  5. 5. smartphones are now the majority
  6. 6. (in some countries)
  7. 7. what about the rest of the world?
  8. 8. 7 6 billion* billion people in mobile phone the world subscriptions*6.97B - Source: Google,  ITU
  9. 9. Global Smartphone vs. Mobile Phone Subscriptions Q4:11, Source: ITU 16Monly about 6B 6.1B19% are 4Bsmartphones 2B 1.2B 0 Smartphone Mobile Phone Subscriptions Subscriptions
  10. 10. U.S. Technology Adoption Rate Maturity: Time from 10% to 40% penetrationbut technology Telephone 39 YEARSreplaces itself Mobile phoneexponentially Smartphone 15 years 10 years 5 years
  11. 11. Global Internet Device Sales Source: BI Intelligence 2.5Mso, if you 2M Tabletsthink mobile 1.5M WE AREis big now, HERE 1Mjust wait 0.5M Smartphones Personal Computers 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016
  12. 12. China has Share of New iOS and Android Activations % of Global Total, Source: Flurryalready 28% UNITED STATES 33% 34%outpaced 26% 24%America’s 21%rate of 17% 13%smartphone 9% 8% CHINAadoption Jan. 2011 Mar. May Jul. Sep. Nov. Jan. 2012
  13. 13. Percentage of Mobile-Only Internet Users Source: mobiThinkingand often, asmartphone is 70%someones 57% 59%only internet 25%connection 22% UK US South India Egypt Africa
  14. 14. Global Technology Adoption Source: BI Intelligence Population Adoption 7 Billion 70%mobile phones 6 60have become a 4 40global lifeline 2 20 0 0 Mobile Electricity Drinking Internet TV PC Phone Water
  15. 15. mobile changes everything
  16. 16. “for a long time, many companieshave paid lip service to the need for a mobile strategy and a mobile investment, but it is now moreimportant than ever to make a real commitment to mobile.” - B. BONIN BOUGH, VP of GLOBAL DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT, KRAFT FOODS Source: Forbes
  17. 17. do you have a global mobile strategy?
  18. 18. what will mobile mean for your business...1. right now?2. in the next 6 months?3. in the next 12 months?
  19. 19. right now
  20. 20. better tools = more creativity
  21. 21. Together, the new GoPro Wi-Fi combo kit and app make a powerful tool for anyone who wants tocapture their adventures with dynamic cinematography. Read More: Engadget
  22. 22. +With over 500 million mobile users, Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram shows their commitment tocreativity as the core of their business. Without a living base of content, Facebook is just an empty shell. Source: Facebook Read More: TechCrunch
  23. 23. Printstagram and a half-dozen other similar sites are extending the content of these new tools into thephysical world by making it easy for people to print their Instagram photos. Check It Out: Printstagram
  24. 24. Cinemagram dials the technology of Instagram up a notch by letting users create and share photo/videohybrid animated GIFs. Check It Out: Cinemagram
  25. 25. VOLUME OF INFORMATION ONLINE 2020the Internet’ssize and growthare fueled bycreativity 2009 Source: IDC
  26. 26. 300 millionphotos are uploaded toFacebook every day Source: Facebook
  27. 27. 48 hoursof video are uploaded toYouTube every minute Source: YouTube
  28. 28. FOR YOUR NEXT CAMPAIGN: how do you harness thesetools of creativity in a way that involves your audience?
  29. 29. the next 6 months
  30. 30. Pizza Hut earned $7 million in sales in their first year after launching a mobile ordering app. Source: Dallas Business Journal
  31. 31. that was two years ago...
  32. 32. Fashion retailer Rue La La recently saw mobile sales jump to 53% of their daily total. They project thatthat figure will hit 75% by the holidays. Source:
  33. 33. “People move through lines more quickly when they pay with smartphones. And since phone purchases are made with money preloaded onto Starbucks loyalty cards, the chain incurs fewer credit card fees, resulting in cost savings.” - Adam Brotman, Starbucks Chief Digital OfficerStarbucks is now averaging a million mobile transactions a week, representing a tenfold increase year-over-year since launching their My Rewards mobile payment system in January 2011. Source: MSN Money
  34. 34. soon all transactions will be mobile
  35. 35. but you need an expensive appto really make mobile work for your business... right?
  36. 36. fortunately, it’s about to get easier
  37. 37. Now anyone can pick up a Square card reader at the Apple Store,Walgreens, Staples, or FedEx Office. Read More: Engadget
  38. 38. Apple Passbook, Google Wallet, and Microsoft WalletHub may also soon play a big role in the mobilepayments space and make it easy for companies to accept mobile payments at scale. Read More: Apple Passbook
  39. 39. Lowe’s rolled out 42,000 iPhones to employees across over 1,700 stores around country in just 8months. If they can, other brands can too. Read More: Apple
  40. 40. technology always gets cheaper
  41. 41. IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS: if you don’t build it, someone else will. planahead or plan to piggyback. (either way, make a conscious and smart decision)
  42. 42. the next 12 months
  43. 43. “it’s not about the hardware;it’s about the hardware that facilitates action.” - ANDREW WILSON, VICE PRESIDENT, EA SPORTSSource: SXSW BrandLand
  44. 44. title goes hereOn their latest tour, Coldplay unleashed the new Xyloband, radio-controlled LED wristbands that canbe programmed to flash and change color together. Imagine the possibilities for other events... Check Itthe Video: YouTube Watch Out:
  45. 45. Apps like Circle, Highlight, and Banjo are trying to bring people together in real life via mobile appconcepts, but their real-life relevance has yet to be proven.
  46. 46. Nike wrote the book on merging digital and physical with Nike+. Now they’re taking it to the next levelwith the new Nike FuelBand, Fuel app, and Kinect training game for Xbox 360. Read More: PSFK
  47. 47. Strava is revolutionizing the way we think about running and cycling by allowing athletes to track theirroutes, set personal records, and compete against friends, locals, and pros. Check It Out:
  48. 48. Chevy’s Super Bowl Game Time app cut the future of multiscreen advertising with a participatory appexperience that synced with the timing of their TV ads to deliver live trivia for a chance to win a car. See The Case Study: Chevy Game Time
  49. 49. Microsoft recently announced the new Xbox SmartGlass, a multi-device app that will let publisherscreate interactive companion content across screens for a deeper content experience. Read More About It: techradar
  50. 50. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 is that it will share the samecode base across all devices, making it more efficient to scale experiences across platforms. Read More: Engadget
  51. 51. Currently, the best way to efficiently deliver a great experience across all devices is through responsiveweb design that flexibly adapts as screen sizes change. Try Resizing Your Browser Window On:
  52. 52. small technology can have abig impact when connected
  53. 53. IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS:what’s your multiscreen strategy?
  54. 54. IN SUMMARY have a mobile strategy harness new creation tools to engage with your audience get ready for mobile payment - plan ahead or plan to piggybackmultiscreen advertising is coming - figure out how your brand fits in
  55. 55. THANK YOU Nicole Newville Jake Szymanski VP Strategy & Media Strategist @nicolenewville SPECIAL THANKS TO: Cassie Broeckert, Craig Key, Elsa Perushek, James Wiltshire, Marc Jensen, Matt Hunstad, Todd Townley