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Jabugo Route

The Jabugo Route allows us to get closer to the world of the 100% Iberian acorn-fed pig: From its natural habitat in the centenary pastures to where the artisanal healing process of ham with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Jabugo in the winery ends.

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Jabugo Route

  1. 1. Jabugo Route in Spain
  2. 2. Spain by Día Libre is Día Libre Viajes DMC. We have two offices located in Madrid and Miami. Focused on discover Spain exclusively: We customize our trips and experiences according to our clients preferences. We have more than 20 years of experience managing corporate trips and VIP clients. Our purpose is offer the best services and support in your business as well as leisure trips. “The excellence in the details defines us as a brand, always offering a professional and efficient management in our trips” About us
  3. 3. Itinerary “A country to be eaten”
  4. 4. Jabugo
  5. 5. The Jabugo Route allows us to get closer to the world of the 100% Iberian acorn-fed pig: From its natural habitat in the centenary pastures to where the artisanal healing process of ham with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Jabugo in the winery ends. The Route of Jabugo brings together the essence of tradition, base of the rooting of the 100% Iberian acorn pig to this region. Its presence has marked the physiognomy of the region, people habits, even its landscape, making it one of the last corners where you can enjoy the magic of the pasture and village life. Jabugo Route
  6. 6. Jabugo Route The best way we have to learn the secrets of "El Jabugo" is to know the places where the people who love them live. Men and women who for centuries have traditionally preserved their process of salting and elaboration; towns that are united through a network of trails within the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. Grutas de las Maravillas private guided tour Experience in Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Center: Exquisite Jabugo ham tasting Experience in PDO Jabugo Dehesa Experience in a ham curing room and cellar from the Protected Designation of Origin. 2 lunches in restaurants from the Jabugo product route Club
  7. 7. Convento Aracena Hotel At the foot of the Aracena Castle, in the heart of the Sierra de Huelva, you'll find this wonderful 17th century Convent restored and converted into this 4* unique hotel. Peace, calm and pure air are the adjectives that define the cloister and gardens, while the church invites the meeting and enjoyment. The high point after a long day is given by an exclusive spa where you can relax.
  8. 8. Mérida
  9. 9. In addition to a historical center that will take you back to Roman times, Mérida has one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Spain. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1993 by Unesco. In the center of the city you’ll find other notable monuments, such as the Roman Bridge that crosses the Guadiana, the Aqueduct of the Miracles and the Temple of Diana. All those who visit Mérida in the summer will have the opportunity to live a unique experience: the representation of one of the classic works in the Roman theater itself. Mérida
  10. 10. Parador de Mérida The Parador de Mérida corresponds to an old convent of the 18th century. Located 10 minutes from the center, it has beautiful traditional style gardens and an interior patio. With sauna, gym and outdoor pool: perfect to switch off at the end of the day.
  11. 11. Cáceres
  12. 12. The Monumental City of Cáceres, UNESCO World Heritage since 1986, is an example of a medieval complex that has been modified over the centuries. Walking down its streets, you'll see the traces of the Roman, Arab, Christian and Jewish cultures. It has the best preserved artistic and monumental ensemble in Spain and the third in the Old Continent, according to the Council of Europe. It was an important center of stately character in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. A tour of its streets causes squares, arches, towers, palaces, churches and convents admiration in all the visitors. Cáceres
  13. 13. Doña Francisca cheese farm The best way to know how cheeses are made and how to taste them is by visiting an authentic traditional cheese factory. The owners of the factory will show you the process of making Extremaduran cheeses and Tortas del Casar, how milk is processed and how cheeses mature until we eat them. The guided visit wil end with a tasting of the 10 different cheeses that are made in the factory paired with wine from the region.
  14. 14. Trujillo Let yourself be conquered by the city of the most famous discoverers in an exciting route during the sunset. We will start in the Plaza Mayor and continue through the walls of the medieval town, where you will discover the most outstanding places and monuments of a city full of history: castle, palaces, churches, towers, manor houses and convents. We will accompany you through a trip in the past in this village and residence of kings. We'll finish the route with a tasting of "torta de casar" and Iberian products paired with Ribera del Guadiana D.O.
  15. 15. AOVE Workshop In this Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) workshop you'll have the opportunity to know all the secrets of the so-called "liquid gold" in one of the few oil libraries that exist in Spain. The activity takes around 90 minutes and it has two parts: theoretical and sensory. To end the experience, we will taste a tapa paired with one of the used oils that will surprise you.
  16. 16. Parador de Cáceres The Parador de Cáceres was a 14th century stone palace. It keeps original features such as vaulted ceilings and period furniture. The hotel is located in the historic center of Cáceres, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The renovated 4* hotel combines tradition and modernity. It is perfectly equipped with new technologies and integrates respectful enviroment elements.
  17. 17. La Alberca
  18. 18. Place of customs, traditions and centenary rites, La Alberca is shown to the world as a perfect place for curious and gastronomy lovers. A walk through its streets takes us to other times, to other worlds. Getting lost in its corners and squares is a must and one of the greatest pleasures for those looking for picturesque landscapes, impossible traces of singular beauty, balancing facades and games of light and shadows. San Antón pig walking through the streets will announce that this place is good ham. A place full of tradition, beautiful streets and gastronomy. La Alberca
  19. 19. Abadía de los templarios This medieval-style hotel is located in the center of the impressive Batuecas National Park and it is surrounded by old chestnut trees. Abadía de los Templarios offers great facilities and views to the rural landscape. The fantastic facilities at this hotel include an indoor and outdoor pool with hammocks, as well as a sauna and Turkish baths.
  20. 20. Salamanca
  21. 21. If you have never come, get ready to discover Salamanca and be surprised. A cheerful and lively city awaits you. Salamanca is always open with its welcoming people. They will love share its heritage, culture and tradition with you. The city is a World Heritage Site and has a multitude of corners and historic buildings; all of them are concentrated in the historic center, so the visit must be made on foot. The sunrise and sunset are magical moments to enjoy the golden facades of houses and monuments. Salamanca
  22. 22. Carreros de Fuenterroble Dehesa Guided tour of the fighting Livestock ranch in 4x4 or tractor trailer. Guided tour of the Livestock ranch (cows with stallions, bulls and bulls) in 4x4 or tractor trailer. Guided tour of the different livestock dependencies, square of gropes, stables, guadarneses, photography room and chapel. Guided tour of the livestock house museum (from 1,880) Appetizer served in the family livestock house based on the old charra cuisine: Iberian products; cured goat cheese; Spanish homemade omelet and bread. Drinks: soft drinks, beers and Rioja Crianza wine In this exclusive program we offer the possibility of getting to know the fighting bull in its natural environment as well as its routine and daily care. At the end, you will enjoy a unique gastronomic experience tasting the products of the area.
  23. 23. Hacienda Zorita This renovated convent is located in the beautiful Douro Valley and has its own vineyards, spa, gourmet restaurant and spectacular gardens that reach the Tormes River. Hacienda Zorita features exposed wooden beams, sturdy stone walls and cozy lounge areas with comfortable sofas and a fireplace.
  24. 24. Valladolid
  25. 25. Valladolid is the only Spanish province with five Designations of Origin. A wide plain of great horizons, seas of wheat and eternal extensions of vineyards where some of the best wines in the world are born. El blanco de Rueda, el rosado de Digales o el tinto de Ribera del Duero, Tierras de León o Toro make Valladolid an authentic wine paradise. We should not put aside its monuments and corners in which history breathes. From the Plaza Mayor to the Consistorial House, the church of Vera Cruz, the Plaza de Portugalete or its University. All of them surrounded by parks and gardens that will make you disconnect and move in time. Valladolid
  26. 26. Wine Complete Experience We will take you from the accommodation to the winery, where an off-road circuit will start, visiting the most singular places of the vineyard. We will continue with a rural picnic on the farm and, to finish, we will visit the winery, the fermentation and aging room. At the end of the tour and the visit to the winery, we'll have a wine tasting ready to enjoy the best wines of the area. The duration of the visit is around 3 hours and is done in private.
  27. 27. Spa Sommelier Experience The concept of the Sommelier Spa combines the powerful healing properties of aromatherapy with Abadia Retuerta wines. In this experience you will have the opportunity to taste our wines and smell the oil mixtures. The limbic system, connected to the nervous and olfactory system, will react to the different aromas. The treatment is performed in the old Sanctuary. A Sommelier Spa will guide and advise you to enjoy a unique and exclusive experience through the marriage between wines, mixtures of oils and their massage techniques.
  28. 28. Abadía Retuerta Abadía de Santa María de Retuerta ounded at the end of the 12th century, has remained a witness within the boundaries of the Retuerta estate. It is one of the most important Romanesque works in the province of Valladolid, now a luxury hotel consisting of 27 double rooms and 3 suites. With sommelier spa, outdoor pool and a restaurant with a Michelin Star, it will be the best place to end this route through Spain.
  29. 29. Información contacto Oficina Miami 1200 Brickell Avenue, suite 1950. Miami, FL 33131 Tlf. +1 786 991 9330 Oficina Madrid Torre Retiro. Avda. Menéndez Pelayo, 67. Local 2 y 3 28009 Madrid Tlf. +34 913 440 399