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GEN Z 2025
that 34% of children today are living with an
unmarried parent (including single-parent or
same sex parents), which is 15% more than
in 1980, when only 19% of kids lived with an
unmarried parent (Pew).
Parents are becoming the new best friends.
Fifty-eight percent of teens in the UK think
so, and their parents agree: 40% say they’re
much closer to their kids than they were to
their own parents. The tide is shifting towards
togetherness, propelled not by authority but
rather a communal experience of life.
Living as a broader family unit is evident
in the shifts in real estate patterns of older
people. Instead of downsizing for a simpler
life, Gen Z’s grandparents are buying bigger
houses to accommodate diverse family setups
under one roof. While Boomers are benefiting
from more time with their grandkids, they’re
also set to become the next influential tech
set, as Gen Z explain Snapchat to grandma.
Grandkids in turn are taking on more
conservative values promoted by nearby
representatives of older generations.
34% of kids live
with an unmarried
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