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GEN Z 2025
As Gen Z take on the world in 10 years,
their world view will follow. In their unique
perspective, there is no normal, there just is.
They understand that people come from a
variety of socio-economic backgrounds, races
and gender norms. Today, they embrace the
world with blind inclusivity instead of simply
tolerance, which implies that there is the
“other” to tolerate. We’ll see diversity as a term
decompose in favor of simply being human, at
least on Earth.
And maybe for aliens, too, if Gen Z follows the
lead of the UK government. It’s just mandated
that our communications to extraterrestrials
should be updated with messages of gender
equality and diversity.
ME IS WE – IN 2025
Decomposing diversity
“We need you to
take action. We are
all indigenous to
this earth.”
– Xiuhtezcatel Martinez to U.N.,
15, hip hop artist and youth
director of Earth Guardians
(Rolling Stone)
Copyright © 2015 sparks & honey. All rights reserved.

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