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GEN Z 2025
Gen Zers were born into unstable realities:
the grip of global terror, financial meltdowns
and their ripple-down effect on Gen Z’s
(mainly Gen X) parents. Growing up with
these undercurrents, these kids and teens have
absorbed the rough edges of the world at a
young age. But this is the norm for Gen Z, and
it’s driving them to create non-linear paths of
education and work.
Even at a young age, Gen Z are seizing
opportunities – and creating their own. In place
of more traditional jobs like burger flipping or
selling movie tickets, they’re taking on freelance
work. According to the Harvard Business Review,
70% of teens are working entrepreneurial jobs
like teaching piano lessons or selling items on
eBay. These efforts are teaching them to think
outside the box, setting them up to become
tomorrow’s innovators.
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