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Агата Вилам для Knowledge Stream

29 ноября сооснователь некоммерческого научно-образовательного проекта для детей, имеющего уже сотни «клонов» в одной лишь Польше, показала в центре Digital October, какой интересной может быть система дополнительного школьного образования, и рассказала, как «Университет детей» в Москву пришел.

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Агата Вилам для Knowledge Stream

  1. 1. Let's go to Mars Agata Wilam
  2. 2. Why do we have to go to school?
  3. 3. Want to Why has zebra got the stripes?  Will all icebergs melt and drown some cities?  What was the purpose of creating flies?  Have to recognize the plants and animals living in natural environments  know the ways animals adapt to the seasons  list the conditions necessary for the development of plants and animals in the household 
  4. 4. What do we want to achieve? How will we do it?
  5. 5. Sophists/Socrates
  6. 6. discussion, experimentation, learning by doing, pleasure of learning
  7. 7. Szkola dawniej i dziś Can you find the difference?
  8. 8. ability to communicate, mathematical and scientific thinking, entrepreneurship, creativity, cooperation
  9. 9. Have you seen this? Love P
  10. 10. What will happen to Sun in 3 billions years? Is Moon hot or cold? How the stars are born? Is it possible that Black Hole will swallow Earth one day? When will people go to Mars? What is on the other side of Universe? Can children travel in cosmic space?
  11. 11. The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting. Plutarch
  12. 12. …. do they speak only on Christmas Eve?
  13. 13. Exploration Inspiring
  14. 14. Exploring Inspiration
  15. 15. Topics Topic
  16. 16. The Master and the pupil Master and Pupil
  17. 17. Ask and experience
  18. 18. What children would like to know? What knowledge and abilities do we want to give and develop? What can we experience? How can we do it?
  19. 19. университет детей
  20. 20. Questions to Nobel Prize winners