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17 3 reconstruction in the south

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17 3 reconstruction in the south

  1. 1. CHAPTER 17: Reconstruction Section 3:Reconstruction in the South
  2. 2. VOCABULARY Segregation: The forced separationof whites and African Americans inpublic places
  3. 3. POLITICAL POWER FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS Blacks now had the right to vote • Most became Republicans Elected over 600state legislators • 16 Congressmen
  4. 4. The First African Americans in the Senate and House of Representatives
  5. 5. CARPETBAGGERS AND SCALAWAGS Carpetbaggers –Northern bornwhite Republicanswho moved southafter the war • Many won political office or became rich businessmen
  6. 6. How Southerners Viewed the Carpetbaggers
  7. 7. CARPETBAGGERS AND SCALAWAGS Scalawags –Southern bornwhite Republicans • Southerners believed these people were betraying the South
  8. 8. THE KU KLUX KLAN Southern whites were angry aboutblack politicians and Northern troopsin their statesMany joined the Ku Klux Klan • Secret society that used terror and violence to keep blacks from having equal rights
  9. 9. Early Members of the Ku Klux Klan
  10. 10. Ku Klux KlanInitiation Ceremony
  11. 11. Ku Klux KlanIntimidation Tactics
  12. 12. Violence and Lynching
  13. 13. THE GRANT ADMINISTRATION One of the most corruptpresidencies of all time
  14. 14. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 1876 Rutherford B. Hays (Republican)vs. Samuel J. Tilden (Democrat)
  15. 15. Results of the Presidential Election of 1876
  16. 16. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 1876 Very close resultswere disputed Compromise of1877 – Democratsagreed to accept Haysas president butRepublicans had toremove troops fromthe South
  17. 17. AFRICAN AMERICANS’ RIGHTS RESTRICTED Southern state governments passednew laws Poll Tax – Pay a tax before you voteLiteracy Law – Read & write tovote • Stopped many blacks from voting
  18. 18. AFRICAN AMERICANS’ RIGHTS RESTRICTED Jim Crow laws – Enforcedsegregation in the South
  19. 19. Segregated Schools
  20. 20. Minstrel Shows “JimCrow”
  21. 21. AFRICAN AMERICANS’ RIGHTS RESTRICTED Sharecropping – Black farmersworked land owned by whites inreturn for a small share of the crops
  22. 22. Sharecroppers
  23. 23. Sharecropping in the South