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Australian Digital Marketing Landscape 2016

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An overview of the Australian Digital Marketing Landscape. Prepared by Spitfire - The Digital Agency.

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Australian Digital Marketing Landscape 2016

  1. The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. DIGITAL LANDSCAPE. AUSTRALIAN
  3. The average Australian spends a whopping 10 hours and 24 minutes on internet enabled devices every day! 3SPSPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY
  4. 89% of the population own a smart phone and 62% have access to a tablet. 4SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY •  90% use it to search for information •  78% use it for product information •  41% have made a purchase on their smartphone
  5. The average Australian household has 2 laptops, 2 smartphones and 2 tablets. 5SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY
  6. 85% of television viewers are using a second screen (browsing the internet) at the same time as watching tv. 6SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY
  7. Internet Usage by Age SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY 7
  9. 65% of Australians reach for their mobile within 30 minutes of waking up. 9SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY 81% of 18 – 24 year olds reach for it within 5 minutes.
  10. Australia’s online advertising spend increased 19.8% and outgrew traditional media channels in 2014. 10SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY
  11. Advertising Forecast 2015 - 2019 SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY 11
  12. By 2019, 50c of every advertising dollar will go online. 12SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY
  13. Australian online advertising generated $5.642 billion in revenue in the last 12 months. 13SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY Online adver=sing is expected to become an $11b industry by 2019.
  14. Digital is forecast to significantly outperform TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines & Outdoor over the next 5 years growing a further 11% 14SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY
  16. Over 14 million Australians are on Facebook. 16SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY The average Australian spends 1.7 hours on Facebook every day.
  17. Social demographic SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY 17 14,000,000 13,900,000 5,700,000 5,000,000 3,700,000 2,800,000 2,000,000 Facebook YouTube Wordpress Instagram LinkedIn TwiOer Snapchat Users by Pla+orm Users
  18. 35% of Australians who discover a company or product on Facebook will share it with their friends. 18SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY The average number of Facebook friends is 338.
  19. SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY 19 Top 5 industries for Facebook users
  20. That means nearly every Australian on Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ an FMCG brand! 20SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY
  21. Top Facebook Pages by Fans SPITFIRE / THE DIGITAL AGENCY 21
  22. SPITFIRE - The Digital Agency 22
  23. SPITFIRE - The Digital Agency 23 WELCOME TO SPITFIRE. Level 2, 25 Crummer Road Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand T: 09 361 5758 W: THE DIGITAL AGENCY.
  24. SPITFIRE - The Digital Agency 24 OUR MISSION. Connect people with brands with the most engaging and rewarding experiences possible, creating long term, sustainable relationships that deliver beneficial outcomes for our customers. KEY FACTS •  Full service agency offering •  Independently owned and operated •  Partners work in the business •  A dedicated team of highly skilled professionals •  Flat management structure •  Strategically driven •  Digitally led •  Creatively inspired
  25. SPITFIRE - The Digital Agency 25 Digitally health strategy unites our entire team. Drawing on decades of experience our strategic approach helps to grow your brand and revenue. STRATEGY DRIVEN We believe that great ideas are the heart and soul of all successful health campaigns. At Spitfire Triage we focus on finding creative solutions that work for your business. CREATIVELY INSPIRED We have a proven track record of assisting our clients to achieve and exceed their business, growth and revenue goals. RESULTS FOCUSSED Our philosophy is to work collaboratively alongside our clients to help them navigate through their business and marketing strategies and plans. We want to be regarded as an extension of your marketing team, and a true partner. PARTNER APPROACH
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  27. SPITFIRE - The Digital Agency 27
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