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10 steps to happiness in business (& life)

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We're at the start of our journey to change the way that startups are built, for the better. We want to give business a better name by creating more purpose-driven companies that measure success in happiness, as well as profits. Our vision is a world with thriving, more sustainable businesses, happier employees and delighted customers.

We strongly believe that if you place happiness at the heart of your business, it will be more successful. Zappos (a $1bn company) and many others have done it and you can too. Follow this path and you'll have a stronger company culture, a more resilient brand and customers that love you so much they'll tell their friends. However putting happiness first doesn't mean that profit isn't important. In fact it's the fuel for your mission, the validation of your purpose. A 21st century business is all about passion, purpose, people and profit – what we call the four pillars of a happy startup.

Here we highlight 10 steps you can take to ensure that your startup journey is a happy one, allowing you to align your personal and career goals, meaning both you and your business should flourish.

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