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CEO presentation May 2014

June 2013 to November 2014 Square Holes conducted 10 intimate CEO lunches discussing and debating consumer and business confidence, trends etc. This is the May 2014 presentation.

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CEO presentation May 2014

  1. 1. “I am coming here with some relatively good news. After six long years of pain and fear, the major advanced economies are finally building momentum. While two of the four cylinders of the global economy’s growth engine – credit growth and emerging market activity – are still running below full speed, there are encouraging signs that the other two, trade and investment, are finally warming up.” Angel Gurría Secretary-General of the OECD 6 May 2014 Paris, France “We need to rebuild trust in government and public institutions. Trust has been seriously damaged by the crisis. After years of low or negative growth and fiscal stringency, policymakers are facing their challenges with depleted political capital. The only way to restore confidence is to seize the window of opportunity that has now opened to set global growth on a stronger and more sustainable footing.”
  2. 2. “Output is projected to increase by 2½ per cent in 2014 and by nearly 3% in 2015, with a general pick-up in demand offsetting declining investment in the resource sector. Some economic slack will remain and the unemployment rate will not begin to edge down until the second half of 2015.” OECD Australia Economic forecast summary May 2014 “Given near-term uncertainties in the rebalancing of the economy away from investment in the natural resource sector, heavy front loading of fiscal consolidation should be avoided. Against the backdrop of the projected recovery, monetary stimulus should start to be withdrawn in the first half of 2015.”
  3. 3. Global Business Consumer Domestic Economics Confidence
  4. 4. Business challenges … 1. Economy and business confidence 2. Government red tape 3. Legislation 4. HR and recruitment 5. Awards and wages
  5. 5. 8% 25% 23% 28% 26% 37% 27% 45% 60% 6% 16% 16% 20% 17% 27% 25% 39% 56% 10% 16% 19% 19% 20% 23% 25% 39% 55% Charities / financial donations Shopping for computers, technology, electronics, phones etc. General shopping online or via your mobile phone / tablet Large items such as cars, home renovations etc. Shopping for clothing and fashion Travel - including accommodation, airfares etc. General shopping in traditional stores - i.e. Not via the internet or mobile phone / tablet Shopping for groceries, fruit and vegetables, meat etc. Household bills THOSE LIKELY TO SPEND MORE ON THE FOLLOWING IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS [Much more + slightly more responses] May 2014 March 2014 November 2013 Even with confidence, the one certainty in life is that bills will continue to increase
  6. 6. Confident Uncertain Unconfident
  7. 7. “Consumers are looking for good value products and services, and if there is a problem it is dealt with sympathetically”
  8. 8. Price Quality Brand Experience Value Trust?
  9. 9. Ultimately consumers want … 1. Relevance “If you’re not relevant, you are invisible!” 2. Sincerity “If you’re not sincere, I can’t trust you!” “Don’t give me any bullshit!”
  10. 10. Risk vs Innovation
  11. 11. Strategic focus, and quieting the noise … 1. The things we can control 2. The things we cannot control
  12. 12. Embrace change!
  13. 13. Social Information Fundamentals Lifestyle Global Me Local Community