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Long square holes ducks

Square Holes Approach

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Long square holes ducks

  1. 1. Define the mission 4 Killer ideas! Strategic growth Uncover the consumers’ world Conceptualise the story 5 2 1 3 Square Holes has a warm heart, creative head and simple vision to “help make the
  2. 2. What’s with the Square Holes ducks? While the answer to why Square Holes has rubber ducks as a mascot is that there is likely no reason. The answer to the question ‘how does Square Holes help clients?’ can be best explained by our quirkily named yet simple and powerful DUCKS approach to consumer insight. Built on Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design, DUCKS provides agility, inventiveness and supports clients in strategic growth, brand building and shifting hard to budge behaviours. Define the precise mission; Uncover the consumers’ world; Conceptualise the consumers’ story; Killer ideas are imagined and implemented; Strategic growth is monitored and celebrated! We typically recommend partnering on an ongoing basis, with the process and budget tailored to each unique and special client from around $20,000pa. Contact Square Holes on 1800 038 257 or read on to learn more about DUCKS… 1 2 4 5 3
  3. 3. Draft mission process. Mission finalised – ready to go. Confidential discussions with CEO, and key management / directors. Mission workshop (to define and refine the mission, challenges, ideas, audiences, approach, measures of success, reporting needs and other critical outcomes). ‘Hello’ meeting / coffee. Define: v. to state the precise meaning This is critical. If you don’t know precisely where you are heading, or what you are looking for, you will surely get lost along the way. Is it increasing revenue or market share, entering a new market or shifting hard to budge behaviours? Vague objectives are not enough, and are the short cut to disappointment. Square Holes works with clients to crystallise the mission and sub-objectives, explore early ideas and to ensure the team is supportive and excited. 1 Define the mission On to Step 2. Prepare to dive! Indicative cost: $2-10K+ Indicative time: 1-3 weeks
  4. 4. Uncover: v. To reveal new evidence It is only with empathy for the consumers’ world – loves, frustrations, behaviours, unmet needs, category gaps etc – should you apply creativity in generating insights and solutions. Square Holes first reflects on lessons learnt and what is already known, then we uncover new evidence, explore, record and measure what was previously unknown about the consumer. 2 Uncover the consumers’ world Speak to key stakeholders, suppliers and influencers. Collect survey, sales, CRM, web and other quantitative data. Observe, experience and converse with real consumers, in their homes and the places they go. Identify ideas and trends (own brand, within category, aligned categories, unaligned categories and broader business / consumer context). Review existing research, data, strategy, plans etc. It is time for Step 3. Hooray! Indicative cost: $8-90K+ Indicative time: 3-8 weeks
  5. 5. Conceptualise: v. to form a concept or concepts out of observations, experience, data, etc. With a swag bag of recordings, data, observations, experiences, photos, videos, more data, notes and more, it is now critical to step back and breathe... ahhh. Yet, without much hesitation, a compelling consumer story will be painted by Square Holes to illustrate key concepts and priority opportunities. 3 Conceptualise the story Statistical and other analysis to find patterns and models, and cross-match findings across different sources. Left brain analytical thinking with a dose of right brain creativity. Deliver the story to the client. Create a concise and compelling evidence based story tailored to client needs via traditional reporting through to video and dynamic outputs (as defined at Step 1). Brainstorm and debate the early insights and exciting opportunities building on the revealed evidence, intuition and experience. Accumulate and reflect on observations, experience, data etc. Prepare for Step 4. Woohoo! Indicative cost: $2-20K+ Indicative time: 1-4 weeks
  6. 6. Killer: ad. impressive or formidable impact With the consumers’ story understood, Square Holes works with the client to unleash the creative juices to develop ideas that will achieve the mission. Everyone involved, don’t hold back! Then we document, prioritise, prototype, evaluate and assist with launching the big ideas. 4 Killer ideas Document and prioritise the ideas generated, including fit with mission, consumers’ story, define quick wins and areas needing more planning etc. Evaluate the prototyped ideas via consumer and internal testing, and assessment against consumers’ story and mission. Assist with preparing the brief to prototype priority ideas via client team, external creative and other agencies and/or Square Holes manage using their powerful network of awesome agencies, consultants, media, designers, developers and freelancers. Think Tank workshop starting with telling of the consumers’ story, then allowing the team to generate as many ideas as possible with the consumer and mission in mind. Be respectful, remove hierarchies, do not judge. Record session via video and other mechanisms. Launch killer ideas. Next stop Step 5... 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 ... Blast off! Indicative cost: $2-20K+* Indicative time: 3-12 weeks *excludes idea prototype development and implementation
  7. 7. Strategic: ad. essential in relation to a plan of action Hold on tight, but do not forget the mission. Tweak it, but don’t ignore it. Square Holes monitors and reviews the progress. We assist with evolving the strategy and are on the look out for emerging trends and opportunities. Learn from the mistakes and embrace these on the next mission. Congratulations! Go back to Step 1. 5 Strategic growth Meet regularly to discuss and debate opportunities to adjust and refine strategies as necessary to increase impact, including identifying new evidence and lessons. It is important to continuously reflect on emerging trends and priority opportunities. Workshop on the lessons learnt, celebrate the glory and ponder ‘what will the next mission be?’ Critically and constructively monitor and report against mission and measures of success (set at Step 1), via quantitative (sales, survey, google analytics etc) and qualitative data, observations and experiences. Indicative cost: $6-60K+ per annum *charged monthly Indicative time: On-going through year
  8. 8. It is not about the destination, but the journey to help make the
  9. 9. Define the mission 4 Killer ideas! Strategic growth Uncover the consumers’ world Conceptualise the story 5 2 1 3 Square Holes State Winner – Consumer Insight, 2010, 2012 2014. 2010, 2012 2014 Awards for Marketing Excellence