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Aries-Settle in a large, airy and light home.  Furniture should be effective and on the bright side.  You might love bright red colors, but don't overuse them, because they will irritate you in large doses.  Hang lots of mirrors to make the space appear even larger.  Tapestries and colorful scenic pictures are also great for Aries.
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  2. 2. Aries. Settle in a large, airy and light home. Furniture should be effective and on the bright side. You might love bright red colors, but don't overuse them, because they will irritate you in large doses. Hang lots of mirrors to make the space appear even larger. Tapestries and colorful scenic pictures are also great for Aries.
  3. 3. Taurus. Harmonious Taurus is all about thoroughness. Furniture for Taurus should be made out of natural wood, or be green, blue or yellow. TV will probably go in the center of the living room at its prime location. Plants in different colored pots will make a Taurus feel right at home.
  4. 4. Gemini. For Gemini its best to purchase low, light furniture that can be arranged on the sides of the room. A bed that folds into the closet or a wall can also work. The center of the house should be empty so that the Gemini can easily travel through the center of the rooms. Use light colors for main things like walls and furniture.
  5. 5. Cancer. Traditional coziness, lots of closets and nooks are any cancer's dream, especially girl cancer. You will not be able to live without cute, multilayered curtains, soft, warm couch, or a quiet corner for relaxation. A country style of decorating might suit cancer well.
  6. 6. Leo. Classical Leo loves classical style. Your house has to resemble a castle or a presidential suite. Large interiors, high ceilings, expensive grand furniture, fancy rugs, decorative vases, golden decorative touches are the things to find in Leo's house. In short, a king's palace would warm your heart.
  7. 7. Virgo. Virgo is realistic and practical. These qualities will define a Virgo's home. Being very fashionable and having expensive things is not necessary to make a Virgo happy. Important here are order, durability, reasonable price and comfort.
  8. 8. Libra. The most important qualities of home for Libras are aesthetics and quality. Many Libras like antique things, rare decorating elements, other Libras like the sharp quality of modern style. Good quality and originality are most important for them in home decor.
  9. 9. Scorpio. Very rich inner world of Scorpios is shown in the things they surround themselves with. Whatever the interest of a Scorpio in life, those are the things you can find in his house. Unusual geometric shapes and modern furniture can go great with Scorpio's character. Art Deco style might be the best suited for this sign.
  10. 10. Sagittarius. This sign loves fashion. Sagittarius' home has to be modern, leave an impression and be spotless. The latest decorating trends and newest electronics are a must. Unconsciously, Sagittarius will go towards bigger and better things. Changes are also necessary. Try to change your furniture arrangement as often as possible.
  11. 11. Capricorn. Order and practicality are Capricorn's best friends. Furniture is functional and good quality, colors are natural and calm. Comfort is very important to a Capricorn. A kitchen doesn't present as much interest as the rest of the house. The living room and a workroom are most important and kept in the best style and neatness. The rest of the house could be forgotten for a Capricorn.
  12. 12. Aquarius. Modern, glass and plastic are some of the preferences of Aquarius when it comes to decorating. Female Aquarius is more practical, male Aquarius will enjoy creative mess and popular modern furniture. Home mini water fountains, foldable cabinets, or innovative multifunctional couches are some of the things that will make Aquarius happy.
  13. 13. Pisces. Most Pisces love a cozy, clean home. Female Pisces can't live without carpets or area rugs, beautiful furniture and elegant curtains. Male Pisces are not much interested in their home. Pick cool colors and soft round shapes. One of the most important things for Pisces to have at home is company.