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Points2 life

There are a number of self-help life-style ideas. Each of the important ones are captured in 1 slide each in this share.
1. Eisenhower decision matrix 2. SMAC & SMART tasks 3. Top-Down & Bottom-Up approach 4. Prioritising work 5. 6-Steps to make it happen 7. Comfort Zone to happiness and 8. Living Consciously.

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Points2 life

  1. 1. Points for better life Keeping it Simple and Sweet
  2. 2. Time is the ultimate frontier Eisenhower Box This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA
  3. 3. 3 1. Write list of “To Do” {Classic 10-Pomodoro} 2. Divide time into 25min slots – Pomodoro 3. Rank and Order them in to Decision Matrix. 1-Pomodoro 4. Start with “DO” – Eat the Frog First (toughest task first) 6-10 Pomodoro 5. Delegate and follow-up (1-Pomodoro) 6. Decide on Not-Urgent/Important – schedule time after attending - “DO” (2-4 Pomodoro) • Plan in the evening before and review early in the morning, then work on your tasks • Break all big tasks into Pomodoro slots • Top-Down <> Bottom-up • Goal-Driven <> Problem-Driven • SMAC* each of the Pomodoro (25m 7m25m) • Eliminate distractions. Do in Pomodoro break-time {Inform – Negotiate – Schedule – Call back: the distractions} • Beware of Common Mistakes 1. Job broken-down without deadlines 2. Too many tasks on day 3. Tasks on the list without SMAC goals 4. Mixed-up lists with goals & context 5. Not tracking progress / completion 6. Paralysis by Analysis (Not completing Pomodoro) Pomodoro = a task that can be accomplished in ~25min slot
  4. 4. 4 1. Specific – well defined achievement 2. Measurable – A clear measure of quality and quantity achieved 3. Achievable – A reasonable goal that can be accomplished in the task and time 4. Challenging – A goal or result that inspires focused work and innovation 5. SMART – Realistic targets that can be accomplished within allotted time/effort; Timely – is working to goal on time. Whenever the ‘to-do’ list is made, reviewed and revised keep SMAT in mind and be SMART SMAC is being SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Challenging
  5. 5. 5 • Top-Down = Step-wise design i. Level-0: FINAL goal and results - What & When ii. Level-1: Clear components with SMAC results aggregating to FINAL iii. Level-2: Specific TASKS resolving each Level-1. HOW of the problem. iv. Schedule and complete Level-2 tasks (Pomodoro)  FINAL results • Bottom-Up = Piecing together into higher results. i. Useful in dynamic problems which change significantly during work. ii. Generate tasks in Level-2 (Pomodoro) and aggregate later Breaking-down large tasks into Pomodoro Top-Down = Suitable for dividing into tasks that can be accomplished in ~25min slot Bottom-Up = Suitable for dynamic weakly bound problems. Aggregation of many small tasks
  6. 6. Effort is the driver Put efforts where it matters
  7. 7. 7 Not everything is important. Studies, projects, systems, teams, tasks :- Prioritize in 4 levels 1. CRITICAL :- Pivot or nucleus to the system 2. ESSENTIAL :- Very Important, Fundamental part 3. NECESSARY :- Valuable, impactful, but negotiable elements 4. DESIRED :- Good-to-have, wish-list, preferences, choices that not directly effect performance or reliability When you organize efforts or time give clear priority to important aspects. Classify tasks Learn to Prioritise
  8. 8. 8 1. Stack on Old routine: Tie to some regular work 2. Start small: Humble manageable beginning. Hold for 2 weeks 3. Do it Every Day: Let all your schedules recognize this new item 4. Make it Easy: Prepare to do it well. Give a supporting push 5. Reward Yourself: Treat yourself, showcase results, tell all 6. Tell a Partner: Share idea, targets, goals, schedule with partner  3 Days : Hurdles get known and Schedule can be made  2 Weeks: Routine starts forming  1 Month: You are on track. Already it is working  2 Months: You are getting good at it. All are noticing  3 Months: You can now Perform. Enjoy the skills, fruits!! 6 Steps to make anything a part of you
  9. 9. 9 1. COMFORT Zone : This is where you feel safe and secure. It is based on the belief that when placed in a stressful situation people will respond by overcoming their fear and therefore grow as individuals. 2. FEAR Zone  LEARNING Zone  Growth Zone : are humans in circus ring responding to stress, competition, survival, and growth (unlimited) 3. COMFORT derives from - Calmness, homeostasis, lack of stress and control are foundation to higher consciousness and peace. 4. LEARNING and Working for the pleasure of comfort is the spirit of salvation. Comfort Zone - Revisited
  10. 10. 10 Life is a wonder Don’t Ponder on it and Squander Consciousness is the manifestation of life It has no limits and needs no stress Live a life full of Consciousness LivingConsciously