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  1. preparation Eric.P
  2. How to solve math problems • We know how to solve problems, but we don’t know how to adapt those functions and formulas. So, I’m trying to make a video explaining how to adapt formulas into other questions.
  3. One example (in video) • We learned that 1+1 =2 • Then, if a problem asks 11+11, we can know that answer is 22. Using examples like these, we can help students solve problems better.
  4. Example -1
  5. A B A B If it is built in ‘c’ height, then the area would be…
  6. A B C The Volume of this Cuve would be A *B*C Because the square of A*B is piled up in C height.
  7. Example -2 Formula of the ROOT (in the quadratic equation)
  8. How to find “x” How did you do that??? Let’s go back in time. We learned how to deal with LINEAR EQUATION →ax + b=0
  9. If the equation is Ax + B = 0 You make it to Ax = -B And then you divide this into A X = - B/A  This is the answer!!
  10. You have to put LEFT the X things Right the other things.