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Arjucard product catalog

Publicado en: Salud y medicina, Tecnología
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  1. 1. Patented HERBULES Technology Card POTENT CARDIOTONIC PRODUCT INFORMATION DESCRIPTION : Arjucard capsule is a combination of two herbs having cardiotonic, diuretic and hypotensive properties to prevent and control high blood pressure, angina pains, palpitation and excessive strain. Also it is as an adjuvant to antihypertensive modern therapy. COMPOSITION : Each capsule contains extract derived from: Arjun chhal (Terminalia arjuna) 2 gm Gokhru (Tribulus terristris) 1 gm Arjun chhal Gokhru PART USED PART USED FRUIT FRUIT PHARMACOLOGY : Arjun chhal (Terminalia arjuna) : The bark of Terminalia arjuna L. (Combretaceae) has been widely used in Ayurvedic system of medicine for cardiac disorders since ancient times. Extensive reviews on various aspects of T. arjuna have been published. Both experimental and clinical studies showed the beneficial effects of the bark in congestive heart failure and in ischemic heart disease and other cardiovascular complications. The aqueous extract of T. arjuna showed contraction followed by relaxation on isolated rat thoracic aorta Results demonstrated that 70% alcoholic extract of T. arjuna reduced the platelet count on chronic treatment to dogs Singh et al. reported that aqueous solution of 70% alcoholic bark extract of T. arjuna produced dose-dependent decrease in heart rate and blood pressure in dogs, though the mechanism was not determined. The present results indicate that the 70% alcoholic extract of Terminalia arjuna produced hypotension of peripheral origin and support the claims of its traditional usage as cardiovascular medicine. The observed effect could be due to adrenergic ß2-receptor agonistic and/or direct action on the heart. Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris) : The cardiac action of T. terrestris was studied by Seth, et al They have reported the cardiac stimulant action of the semipurified water-soluble extract of fruits of T, terrestris. The extract had a potent stimulant effect on the isolated heart muscle in hypodynamic state. An increase in the force of myocardial contraction with a negative chromotropic effect suggested the presence of a glucoside fraction in the extract. Chakraborty, et al studied the various pharmacological action and reported that an alcholic extract of the plant produced a sharp vasodepression in an anaesthetized dogs mediated through cholinergic mechanism. INDICATION AND USES : “ Supplement to improve rhythm and tone of cardiac muscles, reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides”. CONTRAINDICATIONS : Nil SIDE EFFECTS : No side effects if taken within dose limit. PRECAUTIONS : Do not exceed stated dose. DRUG & FOOD INTERACTIONS : Not seen in studied subjects
  2. 2. DOSAGE : 1 capsule 2 times a day after meal. or as directed by physician. REFERENCES : 1. Nadkarni AK: Terminalia arjuna. In:Indian Materia Medica (Edited by : Nadkarni AK).Mumbai,India,Popular Prakashan(Pvt) Ltd 1976,I:1199. 2. Colabawalla HM: An evaluation of the cardiotonic and other properties of Terminalia arjuna. 3. Bharani A, Ganguly A, Bhargava KD: Sautary effect of Terminalia arjuna in patients with severe refractory heart failure. Int J Cardiol 1995, 49: 191-199. 4. Dwivedi S, Jauhari R ,Varshney A : Terminalia arjuna the cardiovascular friendly Plant. Atherosclerosis 1997,134:47. 5. Jain V, Poonia A, Agarwal RP,Panwar RB, Kochar DK, Mishra SN: Effect of Terminalia arjuna in patients of angina Pectoris. Ind Med Gaz 1992, 36:56-59. 6. Dwivedi S, Agarwal MP: Antianginal and cardioprotective effect of Terminalia arjuna, and indigenous drug in coronary heart disease. J Assoc Physi Ind 1994,42:287-289. 7. Bharani A,Ganguly A,Mathur LK,Jarma Y, Raman PG:Efficiency of Terminalia arjuna in chronic stable angina: a double blind, placebo controlled, cross over study comparing Terminalia arjuna with isosorbide mononitrate. Ind Heart J 2002,54:170-175. 8. Vaidya AB: Terminalia arjuna in cardiovascular therapy. J Assoc Physi ind1994, 42:281-282. 9. Miller AL: Botanical influences on cardiovascular disease. Alt Med Rev 1998,3:42-431. 10. Tripathi YB: Terminalia arjuna extract modulates the contraction of rat aorta induced by KCL and norepinephrine. Phytother Res 1993,7:320-322. 11. Mallikarjuna K,Thomas JF,Kane KA: Phytother Res 1995,9:575-578. 12. Satyanarayana S,Srinivas N, Subrahmanya Kumar NV: Studies on the effect of 70% alcoholic extract of Terminalia arjuna on the hematology of dog. Ind Drugs 1999, 36:198-199. 13. Singh N, Kapur KK,Singh SP,Shankar K,Sinha JN, Kohli RD:Mechanism of cardiovascular action of Terminalia arjuna. Planta Med 1982,45:102-104. 14. Seth S.D and Jagadesh, G. Cardiac action of T. terrestris L. Indian J Med. Res., 64[12]: 1821-25,1976. 15. Chakraborty, B. and Neogi, N. C. Pharmacological properties of T.terrestris L.Indian J.Pharm.Sci.,40[2]:50-52,1978. Hypertension Arjuna Gokhru Ischanmic Reduced Heart disease Pumping capacity Arjuna Cholesterol Stable / Unstable angina * Patent application no. IN2006/000479 * TM applied for