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Marp example

Marp is the simplest presentation writer with Markdown. This slide is created by Marp. Please refer:

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Marp example

  1. 1. Marp Markdown presentation writer, powered by Electron Created by Yuki Hattori ( @yhatt )
  2. 2. Features Slides can write by Markdown. Cross‑platform. Supported Windows, Mac, and Linux Live Preview with 3 modes Simplized slide design (based on Github style) Supports emoji Export your slides to PDF
  3. 3. How to write slides? Split slides by horizontal ruler  --- . It's very simple. # Slide 1 foobar --- # Slide 2 foobar Notice: Ruler ( <hr> ) is not display in Marp.
  4. 4. Directives  since v0.0.7  Marp's Markdown has extended directives to affect slides. Insert HTML comment as below: <!-- {directive_name}: {value} --> <!-- {first_directive_name}: {value} {second_directive_name}: {value} ... -->
  5. 5. Page Directive The page directive would apply to current page and later. You should insert it to top when apply to all slides.  page_number  Set  true  to show page number on slides. See lower right! <!-- page_number: true --> 5
  6. 6. Global Directive  $width  /  $height  Change slide width and height. You can use units:  px  (default),  cm ,  mm ,  in ,  pt , and  pc . <!-- $width: 12in -->  $size  Change slide size by presets. Supports  4:3 ,  16:9 ,  A0 ‑ A8 ,  B0 ‑ B8  and suffix of  -portrait . <!-- $size: 16:9 --> 6
  7. 7. Pro Tips Page Directive can apply temporally to only current slide. Try to add  *  to top of Page Directive name! <!-- *page_number: false -->
  8. 8. Enjoy writing slides! Copyright © 2016 Yuki Hattori This software released under the MIT License. 8