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Lss zone

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'LSS Zone' is an extension for Sketchup, which allows to create, store and manage information about rooms.
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Lss zone

  1. 1. LSS ZONE © 2013 Links' Systems Software
  2. 2. LSS ZONE OVERVIEW ● create geometric data carrier (so-called 'zone'), which stores identity, quantitative and descriptive information about a room ● reshape and/or re-adjust properties of created 'zone' interactively any time later ● manage entered information in a batch manner ● create and attach labels ● generate reports © 2013 Links' Systems Software 'LSS Zone' is a SketchUp extension, which allows to enter and process rooms data.
  3. 3. LSS ZONE CREATE ZONE ● enter identity and additional descriptive information using main dialog ● pick a face, which represents room's floor, or draw zone's contour vertex-by-vertex ● cut openings ● select and re-shape any previously created zone by dragging its contour vertices, segments or height adjustment grip if needed ● insert/delete zone's contour vertices © 2013 Links' Systems Software
  4. 4. LSS ZONE MANAGE PROPERTIES ● copy geometrically identical zones using native SketchUp tools ● edit identity (room number, floor number) and descriptive (finishing materials) information in a batch manner ● adjust floor level and/or height of a zone in a dialog to regenerate actual geometry (change actual height/floor level of a zone in an active model) © 2013 Links' Systems Software
  5. 5. LSS ZONE © 2013 Links' Systems Software MANAGE PROPERTIES EVEN MORE ● use 'Display all available attributes' mode to get the full access to zone's properties Warning: use this advanced mode with extreme caution since it gives access to a low- level data. ● attach your own custom attributes into 'LSS_Zone_Entity' dictionary or even create your own dictionary ● remove attributes if needed (could be useful to remove unwanted zone labels for example)
  6. 6. LSS ZONE ATTACH LABELS ● select zones and attach text labels in a batch manner ● manage label templates: edit existing label templates, create new ones or erase needless templates © 2013 Links' Systems Software
  7. 7. LSS ZONE LIST ZONES ● select zones and generate reports to list quantitative and descriptive information they contain ● manage list templates: add new list templates, edit existing ones or delete unwanted list templates © 2013 Links' Systems Software
  8. 8. LSS ZONE LIST ZONES EVEN MORE ● save list to an HTML file ● select list contents in browser's window, copy and paste list content to your favorite spreadsheet application ● format pasted data in a spreadsheet application, then copy and paste results to LayOut © 2013 Links' Systems Software
  9. 9. LSS ZONE INSTRUCTOR ● refer to contents of 'Instructor' in order to accelerate your learning curve ● learn about hot- keys and tool's advanced operations © 2013 Links' Systems Software
  10. 10. LSS ZONE HELP SYSTEM ● refer to 'Help System' in order to boost your learning curve even more ● find complete list of zone's basic attributes ● learn about internal elements of zone group © 2013 Links' Systems Software