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Connecticut Lamont UConn corruption

  1. Lamont regime’s crony Fabrice Baudoin wastes tax money on plagiarism, unqualified hire of women as assistant prof. and staying night with a female student each year
  2. What are media reports on Lamont-UConn- Board’s injustice? UConn: university of Connecticut
  3. UConn-trustees enrich their crony by fabricating documents. Be it Ned or Bob, any gov’t which hires these trustees is kleptocracy 1. Yankee Institute. Federal Lawsuit Reveals Fraud, Sexual Harassment at UConn health 2. Google search result of “UConn sexual” Media repeatedly exposes lamont-trustee kleptocracy
  4. Lamont double standard 1
  5. Lamont double standard 2
  6. Lamont double standard 3
  7. What Lamont’s policy in Fabrice Baudoin’s public corruption case?
  8. Lamont divides citizens into privileged & ordinary ones In Ram Gopal’s case, UConn Board builds amorous relations based on 4 group conferences, in which other faculty and PhD student from Gopal’s dept. also attend. Lamont’s UConn Board glorifies crony Fabrice Baudoin’s 15 trips with a female (ex, current, future) student. Among them, in 4 trips, Baudoin didn’t bring his other students. In other 3 trips, there was no depart. members.
  9. In UConn file EP 33, Lamont-UConn Board celebrates Baudoin’s unqualified hire of zero-publication wife and low-publication girlfriend as UConn assistant professors unqualified hire for Lamont-privileged-class Lamont-UConn-Board has plundered 2 million for Fabrice Baudoin, and will loot 1 billion in the next 50 years for Fabrice Baudoin
  10. Lamont tyranny helps crony to steal knowledge page 553----559 in Baudoin(2007) is plagiarized from Lyon (2002). This is the tip of the iceberg Ned-UConn Board wastes million each year on hiring a group of lawyers to boost Fabrice Baudoin’s plagiarism
  11. Whenever citizens write “Fabrice Baudoin” in UConn Freedom of Information Act (FOIA ) request, Lamont-UConn- Board either hides citizens’ FOIA requests or turns “Fabrice Baudoin” into other words in FOIA log. Lamont tyranny falsifies & denies FOIA request
  12. Lamont tyranny deletes & falsifies evidence  wastes million each year on hiring lawyers to delete/falsify evidence for Fabrice Baudoin  diverts 0.75 million to a whitewash lawyer’s family each year  tells lies that Baudoin’s travel escort was depart. chair’s supervisee Lamont (file EP33) encourages female students to stay night with Baudoin at hotel under the umbrella name of depart. chair’s
  13. Corruption burden has been shifted to working and middle-class families. UConn Board increases tuition fee, and wastes tax money on privileged class’ plagiarism, sightseeing with a female student around the world and unqualified hire of low-quality women. Demand Gov. Lamont clear corruption by imprisoning Fabrice Baudoin.